TTT2 Stream and Commentary Thread


WNF might be all-Tekken today, streamwise


iloveyourmom memorial/fundraiser at Super Arcade


Seems like you’re one of the few Tekken enthusiasts left.
If you ask me, the Tekken community in the west seems to be non-existent.

Even the commentators on the memorial stream were like “Back when I still cared about Tekken.”.

Fuck those people!

We need to keep playing and practicing and watching, because I would be really sad to not see Tekken this or next EVO.
It’s also fucking sad that if it makes it to EVO this year, it’s gonna be a one sided ass whooping by the Koreans and the so called western “competition” will just bend over and take it in the ass.


Manila streaming feat. AK the Philippine Tekken Global rep and Marimo the Australian Tekken Global rep


Too bad that stream is basically unwatchable.
Lags really hard and goes offline all the time for me.


Yeah I tried but couldn’t stay for long; it’s really bad this week. They usually have it up on Youtube in a week or so, I’ll just post in then.


They have an archive of last night despite being offline. Expect a Youtube migration soon.


Tennessee event just started


WNF Tekken

archive so far


Tekken Tag 2 on WNF’s secondary stream


Bronson streaming


ATL Tekken streaming


Bronson streaming


WNF underway:


Tekken Riot


TTT2 starting off this week’s WNF


Tekken and Soul Calibur streaming from Super Arcade




WNF streaming again (see link above)… main leveluplive stream is down though

#409 TTT2 to start WNF… moving to SoCalTekken later I guess?