TTT2 Team Discussion Thread


Greetings all TTT2 players,
here you will discuss your team management, synergy, and strategies when conducting TTT2 game play. You can also elaborate on your game play experiences against other teams as well. Feel free to provide your insight on character statistics in relation to damage, juggles, set ups, wall carry, punishes, movement, stances, gimmicks, match ups, glitches, play style adjustments, and anything else that is relevant to team management. Have fun everyone.


:eek: Wanna talk about Jin/Asuka a little bit.

Extremely poke heavy team that gets decent juggle damage, but mostly works off of strings, homing moves and really beefy pokes. The team is built mainly for a crush strategy; the team stops predictable pokes with reversals, high/low crushes and evasive moves. Jin even stops tag crashes, even though that’s not a pillar of the team’s construction. Both Jin and Asuka tag buffer into each other infinitely along with having a relatively easy GREAT combo and a one way special tag throw. Jin on point sets the pace of the match while providing consistent, but low, damage while Asuka is in the back to stay safe with pokes so Jin can come back in with regained red life.

The team is still in its infancy, but I think Jin is one of the better partners I’ve found for Asuka so far and I’m really looking forward to seeing what Jin can do to bring the best out of Asuka.


Well, you know I play Xiaoyu/King but sometimes the order is reversed depending on the matchup.

Very okizeme and mixup heavy due to their nature. Unfortunately, still having trouble finding all the options depending on the situation since TZ is a freaking mess. This team will try to get the momentum in a variety of ways, be it through their reversals, crushes, and mobility options such as Back Jaguar Steps and Xiaoyu’s stances. The biggest weaknesses behind this team is they don’t have continuous strings that go into each other like, say, Jun or the Laws so every hit has to count. Also, they have to stay somewhere between mid and close range for different reasons. King for landing his throws and Xiaoyu for just being able to poke. The second big weakness is they don’t have many lows, with King’s being rather subpar (but he’d be too good if they were all good). But, there is at least one incredibly property that this team has: the ability to run under a juggled opponent. If Xiaoyu can trigger TA with AOP uf+3, 1, King can do 1+2, 1 which gives her plenty of time to run under the opponent, leaving her with various shenanigans including the f+2, 1, 4 she can do if she didn’t run under.

Likie Yannick, this team is still in its infancy, and I chose this team solely because these were the two I liked the most so that means it’s my job to make this team work.


Well im a jaycee player so shes the main stay.
but if you want something scary you can pair lars with her (i know he goes with everyone) but they couple each other with scary results.
red life/tag buffered combos are easy access with lars uf 4.
and jaycee gets a full shotgun combo from lars f1+2 (one of the few characters that actually optimizes off of that launcher).
also you get decent damage from uf 3.
because of jaycees f 2,2,1 filler you get some of the longest carry to the wall in the game.
lars filler with df 33.
jaycee with lars help gets a optimized 72 damage off of counter hit db 1 to bound.
thank to lars ff2, silent entry to go under,1 for a sandwich combo.
as you know both of them have air grabs for unscaled damage enders.
jaycee gets fff1 also for a high wall splat from a incredible distance because of lars df 33 filler. she basically has a day in a half to decide for fff1 for the wallsplat or the unscaled air grab for max damage without walls. depending on the launcher ether df 2,1 or b 1+2 from jaycee you get 100+ damage without walls…

at wall you get disgusting damage with jaycee having 1+2, 4, bf 2 and lars f4121
and if you havent used your tag assault yet at the wall you can interchange those as filler and all seven hits will connect…

good punishers from both characters
great panic buttons i.e hop kicks
both optimize damage off of obscene counterhits i.e lars db 4 and jaycees db1
great crush moves into launchers
great tag assault filler from both
beautiful wall damage
great wall carry
good enders (airthrows)
both have really great oki
easy hit confirms and great conversion for each other as they both have alot of tag bufferable launchers

problems with step jaycee especially

not alot of ways to punish tag crashes
lars is fun but i have to take a break from him cause hes too cheesy sometimes

i played devil jin alot in 6 and i have a jaycee/devil jin team will have to play the more and test out later
in the long run i have alot of love/passion for both these characters so ill probably stick with this team


I do have quite a few teams in my TTT2 game play arsensal. For now, I shall speak about my Miharu/Armor King team.
Armor King… I notice that Aris was a frequent Armor King player. Part of the reason is because Armor King has almost
every viable tool. Armor King… is kind of like the “Ryu” of this situation - he has very good tools, good lows,
sweet juggles, and decent wall carrying…
Armor King does not “shine” in any particular aspect, though he is known for possessing very high damage output
and a VERY nice set of throws.
Miharu Hirano plays a lot like Xiaoyu obviously but she seems to utilize a “older” variation of Xiaoyu’s actual fighting
style and game play. I have only been playing Xiaoyu sense Tekken 6 (and many times on Tekken 3 and a few on TTT/T4).
I know many of Xiaoyu’s moves and capabilities by heart… and I like Miharu, so it is only natural for use her under
these circumstances. Miharu’s juggle damage is not very good. BUT, she has a load of tag bufferable launchers!
(df+2~1, AOP=d+1+2, Rain Dance(back turned)=b+3+4, ub+3+4, etc). Miharu’s evasiveness plays a very good role here too.
Because, on this game, Rain Dance has gotten a slight buff compared to T6, so it is easier for Miharu to avoid
many linear strings. Armor King’s purpose is dish out as much damage as possible from juggles and traditional attacks. A power house.
Miharu’s purpose is to poke, mix-up, and set up tag combos. Miharu can also increase her rate of damage thanks to
Armor King’s TA filler. (some good ideas for Armor King’s TA filler would be b+2,1 or 3+4,2). Armor King’s default TA filler will leave
Miharu enough time to perform f,f,f+3 to AOP stance to prepare for another mix-up or a defensive options.
The team itself compliment each other their weaknesses. Both Armor King and Miharu have multiple threatening
mid and low hitting moves by themselves. Armor King also has quite a few unblockable moves as well and painful chain
grabs. Armor King is very good on the defensive side of game play and he can whiff punish about as well as a standard
Mishima can, thanks to his quick crouching dash and the series of moves that you can follow up with. f(n),df+1 is high
hitting, quick, but it is safe on block. f(n),df+2 is a good launcher but it is not safe on block… it basically works
like a generic WGF. Armor King’s f+2,1 is a good mid hitting string.
Miharu has a lot of high damaging moves that can be used for mid hitting pokes and keep out… such as: f+1+2,
(CH)d+1+2,2,1, db+1. Miharu’s uf+4 is a good overhead. The opponent is still crouching or is flopping on the ground,
Miharu can bound the opponent with uf+3+4 (if you use a TA, Miharu will BYPASS her falling animation and she will land
on her feet like Xiaoyu would). This team is still in infancy as well… HOWEVER, this is one of my more devasting teams I
have at the moment. The focus of this team is for dishing out painful mid/low pokes, emphasizing on tag out combos,
and mix-ups. Armor King compliments Miharu’s bad juggle damage, slightly better offensive options, and throw game. Armor King
can easily tag up with many characters in this game because he is versatile. Armor King can help Miharu’s aerial combo
options as well.
Miharu compliments Armor King for her better keep out, better pokes, her stance systems (for more offensive and space
controlling), mix-ups, and speed based capabilities (a la Rain Dance).
Also. They both benefit extremely well from CH, block punishing, and whiff punishing. The tag combos they both have to offer is very nice - lots of red health is bound to disappear QUICK.
The weaknesses here is that… I only know a handful of Armor King’s throws in general and very few combos with him.


I play DJ/Hei

Here are my strats. I backdash for about 10 seconds to see what your movement is like. To see if you know how to backdash. If you do then it tell me that you have some knowledge to movements and I tend to not to play so aggressive, but if I see that you can’t backdash then it tells me you don’t have a good knowledge in movement and I tend to WD and get very aggressive against players. But my offline and online strats are totally different.

Also, I tend to do a lot of tag juggles not tag assaults because it deletes the red bar =).


I am currently running a Michelle/Angel team.
I find this team to be pretty interesting. Lots of whiff punishing and speed based combat going.
Both Micelle and Angel have monstrous whiff punishing tools and multiple defensive options.
Angel suffers from having limit low hitting moves, but Michelle can easily compliment that with her set
of low hitting attacks. Both of the characters are capable of dishing out some really intense damage with their juggle
Here are a few short videos from myself showing what Michelle and Angel are both capable of:
For Angel herself, you can get away with things like…
EWGF > b+4,1 > df+1+2 > TA! (Michelle 1,2) > d(n),df+4,3… or something like that.
You can get maximum damage from Heaven’s Door (d(n)df+1u)
Angel is a Mishima character and she has very good options at her own disposal. Hers is a little more situational than
the other Mishima’s however. Both characters have a very nice set of easy tag bufferable launchers and they both take
red life easily from tag combos combos.
For Angel we have df+1,2 - EWGF - b+4,1 - SS+2…
For Michelle we have df+3+4 - SS+3+4 - (CH)db+2,2 - df+2,1 - d,df+2…
What also needs to noted is that both Michelle and Angel have a lot of painful mid hitting pokes. Angel’s f+3,2,1 is
pretty safe and counts as a natural combo. Michelle benefits extremely well when it comes to her CH game.
Michelle mix-up game is a lot more viable than Angel. If the opponent is try to tag out from a distance, Angel can
resort to using her laser as it takes a generous amount of damage and raw tagging itself is not particularly safe
unless the opponent whiffs an attack or if they are knocked down somehow.
The weaknesses of this team seems to stem for not having too many options for okizeme. Both of the characters
are well rounded, but they both have problems with low pokes as well… Michelle does a better job when comes to
unseeable lows however. Michelle is a very good for defensive options and speedy movement. Michelle and Angel
are extremely potent whiff punishers however, and getting caught in a juggle against a Angel and Michelle will ruin any
bodies day, especially as far as counter hits are concerned.


Here you may find some interesting teams coordination on this video…


who has good synergy with TO over at tz everyone said jinpachi was his best partner. Would paul and TO be a good team?


Ogre can go pretty well with multiple characters… When I am offline, when I see Ogre, I see him frequently paired up with the likes of Devil Jin, Ancient Ogre, Bryan, Lee, Jinpachi, and Jun (known). I… don’t really know much about the character. I know the match up, but I don’t know how to actually play him.


This might be a overused team, but I play the Kings… It depends on what I use on point, but mostly it’s King on point.

What’s really good about them is they are a team that is greater than the sum of its parts. First, they have a good rage/netsu synergy so it’s easy to get rage. Second, they have enough similarities so it’s easy to get accustomed to yet there are huge differences that complement each other.

Armor King got a wavedash (though lacks a threatening mid), decent pokes, actual low pokes and nice oki options which are more suitable for aggressive/faster play.

King got strong mids (though lacks a fast low poke), great tracking, nice CH options, great punishers, and oki resets which are more suitable for defensive/setup-based play.

Though to get really good with them, you need to know all of their tools IMO.


I run Angel/Lili which generally works well for a few reasons. Lili is good with rage due to some of her stronger pokes like 1+2 and df44. Her combos are made better with Angel as a partner as well because Lili’s launchers aren’t that good. Angel having twin pistons and EWGF which are both tag bufferable. Lili also benefits Angel as her high/low game can keep the opponent in the frame of mind to respect Angel’s less than stellar one.

I’ve had a decent experience with this team but I’ve recently realised that I basically can only play 3 characters in this game. I’ve started learning Miharu/Alisa for a bit of variety. To anyone who plays these characters, do you think this holds up?


I would like everyone’s opinions on my set of teams. I main the Williams Sisters, but I also run Lili, Jun, and Unknown. The following tags are:

Nina/Unknown (usually Unknown/Nina in that order).


Lili/Unknown (commonly set as Unknown/Lili because I use Lili as a tool for juggles).

I will say that Nina/Unknown is a fun team. :tup: ****


:eek: Nina/Unknown is good and retarded damage anywhere on the screen with wall carry out the ass.

Jun/Anna or Unknown/Anna is also tremendous fun and Jun gives Anna several places to tag in without having to “set up” to get her game going, which is a tactic I find incredibly strong for helping Anna out; one of those things that extends beyond damage and actually makes a character better. Jun and Unknown are also part of the small group of characters that can pick up after a tag buffered FC d/f+2, d+3,2 from Anna, which is SO good.

Not too much experience with Lili, even though I tried learning her for a while. She seems pretty ridiculous once people are knocked down.


I played Jun/Lili at a tournament before the patch that made Angel legal. I didn’t have much synergous stuff with the two besides Jun’s tag launchers making up for the bad damage on Lili’s ones. I mainly played the team due to being comfortable with the two. I find oth of them good with poking though so if your opponent hates that then you’ll have a good run.


Who is Zafina supposed to be good with? I’ve been using her with Forrest Law and Heihachi.


Thank you for the information :tup: . I will attempt Unknown/Anna again.

You could pair her with Anna or Ogre, but especially Anna. You should watch Fran on YouTube. He/she’s a Anna/Zafina player, and he/she’s pretty good. However, he/she seems to use her as a tool.

Does Nina/Heihachi seem to be a good team? I accidentally chosen him in player match and of course couldn’t change, and so had to choose Nina. First time I lost though I got a point, and the second time I won. They seem to work together well, and their win poses are so in sync :D.


well aside from the netsu situation
they work really good

without walls heihachi gives her the boost in damage output
and nina gives heihachi much better wall carry on tag assaults

tag buffers with them are Godlike too
lots of red life


I’m thinking of trying Xiaoyu/Jaycee instead. I feel that Jaycee is more solid than King so I’m thinking of trying her instead. I remember seeing Moruru with this team so let’s see how it goes though I’ll be learning combos all over again.


Okay, so I switched it up a bit and went to back to Nina/Jun (as I like to call Team Mom), and Nina/Steve (Team Maury) because I dropped Heihachi. However, I still have Heihachi/Lili (Team Empire) as a set reserve tag. Any opinions?