TTT2U Questions and Complaints


The netcode in TT2 is good. Lili and Asuka work just fine together. You can use firearms ect. But they are all SUPER slow and easy to dodge. They are items moves, which are really only used to troll your opponent. And if you want to learn tekken hit up Tekken Zaibatsu. It has all your tekken needs as here Tekken is really more on the back burner.


Well I already purchased the game and so far the connection has been great (and I’m using wireless!) except for one match and the lag wasn’t game-breaking.

The firearms thing is lame but I guess since there are already characters who shoot beams out of their eyes and if you say it’s just for trolling then I’ll just deal with it.

Thanks for mentioning Tekken Zaibatsu I had already forgotten about that community so I’ll check it out!


when I said they are there for trolling I mean they are so slow you’d have to literally be asleep to get hit with them.


Ok I see, thanks for the answer.

Now I’d like to know… can I play TTT2 well on a dualshock 3 or is it mandatory to get a fight stick?


You can play it with whichever controller you like, it’s never mandatory to get a stick. Some prefer a stick because Tekken has some odd inputs like square+circle, which are hard to do on the normal layout for the standard PS3 controller, but a stick doesn’t have shoulder buttons and some prefer mapping combinations to those instead of doing them manually on a stick. If you’re having trouble with the controls I’d recommend borrowing a friend’s stick (if possible) or figuring out what inputs are giving you trouble and seeing if you can’t re-map them to make it easier for you.


Thanks for the answer! Now however, I’m having a big issue finding other players to fight with here in Santiago, I have to wait 10 or even 20 minutes to get into a fight. Is this because I’m using wireless? Cause in Tekken Revolution I didn’t have this problem.

Another question, how do I parry with Asuka and Lili (and no I don’t mean low parry), in fact I’d like to know how to recognize each character’s parry, do they have an special icon in training mode or something else?


I don’t think standing parry is universal. For the characters who do have it (Wang, Dragunov, Paul?) it’s just back+grab. I believe they’re functionally the same though in terms of damage and positioning. Some characters have special parry stances like Law but some characters just flat out don’t have a standing parry.

Not sure if Asuka or Lili have any form of standing parry, so I can’t really help with that, sorry.


I just received my copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Essentials Edition) and I have not played a Tekken game since Tekken 3.
My question is:
Is it normal that the Arcade Mode in this game is so fucking hard? I got juggled into fuck for about 10 tries until I got Yun and her demon form down.

I have not connected the console to the internet yet so is there a patch online that fixes this issue or do I have find the quickest punishers for every character I want to play through with in order to stand a chance against the barrage of cheap shit the AI throws at me?


You haven’t played the series in over a decade and you’re up against the AI, it’s gonna be tricky. As far as I know there’s no patch that changes the AI. Are you having problems getting a hit in, avoiding their attacks, what’s the deal?


Basically all of that.
I took down every opponent easily until Yun and that bitch raped my face constantly. Then I found out Paul’s b+1 comes out rather fast and can be used to whiff punish and combos into 2. So at the end I was basically just neutral blocking, back dashing and punishing her on whiff.
The sad part though is that I selected the lowest difficulty and except for old arcade ports of MK and 3S, I haven’t played a Tekken boss ever that is so fucking cheap and ridiculously hard as her on the easiest setting.


AI tends to be pretty free to hopkicks (uf+3,4) and you can get good damage off of them if you learn a short juggle combo.


Yeah I’m grinding practice already.
Guess you just have to mix them up well and gotta learn the tag combo stuff that takes away red health.


Oh man I just answered my own question after I put my LAN cable into the PS3.
Holy shit, boss fights are ez pz now.
Seems like they forgot that the arcade mode boss still had arcade difficulty (i.e. cheap quarter sucker) and patched it accordingly later.

When I started the game after the patch, my Bryan went through the game with like 80 percent perfect rounds.

Also Jesus fucking Christ is this game fun.
The customization, the love and detail put into the ending movies, the way the character’s movesets are intact for the most part and I can just go to town on motherfuckers after 10 years of absence and like 90% or more of my moves just simply work and the level of detail that goes into the character models and stages is amazing.

Feels like I never quit Tekken.

I don’t like the music with some exceptions though, but that’s rather my age than the music being bad.
I’m an old fuck and I like old music.

Edit: LOL I can customize the music as well. Awesome!


Hello everyone, I have a doubt now concerning not the game but the dualshock 3, I just bought the game last tuesday and and the X, Square, Triangle and Circle buttons are already showing some sort of white… powder? (I don’t really know what it is) not on the surface but on the sides. Does this mean that the controller is getting too worn out? Should I get a stick or is the dualshock 3 more durable than it seems?


Ask on the tech board.
Those guys mod sticks and pads all day and should know more about controllers, than your average bear on the Tekken forums.


Thanks for the suggestion!


Why dont you guys call it T4? Bunch of T’s in the title.

I wish I could play this game, glad you guys make it look cool.


Because T4 refers to Tekken 4. It is a really long abbreviation, but it works.


Hey guys, new to Tekken had a question about movement

I’ve watched some videos online about wave dashing in Tekken and I guess there is only a few characters that can do it. However when I watch competive play I see players dashing very rapidly all over with a lot of different characters that aren’t listed as having a wave dash. How are they executing the fast movement and is it different for every character? Any tutorials online I may have missed? Thanks a lot!



Wavedashing is used with characters that have a command dash (typically a f, d, d/f motion). Wavedashing involves rapidly command dashing forward.

Almost every character can dash around very quickly using their universal dashes, however. This is where backdash canceling (BDC) comes in. Characters can cancel their movement options into any other movement option, so you can backdash (b, b) into crouch (d or d/b) and backdash again. You can also cancel forward dashes into crouches (preferably d or d/f in this case). This may be the rapid movement you see on a regular basis.