TTTF Super Street Fighter IV AE 2v2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Singles Results and Shout Outs


**The Return of the Muay Thai aka Super Street Fighter IV AE 2v2 Team Tourney **
1 Team Purple Rain- ilya ( Akuma) / chris king ( Claw)
2 Team You Bitches Ain’t Shit- Genghis ( Dictator) / n3m0n1c ( Sagat)
3 Team My Giant- jetquick ( Yun) / unprotectedSEX (Rufus)
4 Team Sex Break- joon the baboon ( Ken)/ ark impulse (Chun)
5 Team Dashers Dashers- MR. CERTIFIED ( Chun)/ combusted ( Rose)
5 Team The Return of the Sexy-laceysan ( Gouken) / Viscant ( Deejay)
7 Team Amazing World of Gumball- slappy slaps ( Honda)/ maku ( Makoto)
7 Team Fundamentals- jokersss ( Viper) / Repulse ( Yang)

9 Team Nah- resres/ wing
9 Team Balam- netedge/ A2TREJO
9 Team Quad City DJs- PKSkyler/ Jalen
9 Large Darlings- honey badger/ KSexy
13 Team Decided- marco/ Who is J-Mo?
13 Team Black Man- zimbabwe champ/ masheveli
13 Team Bison Cock- beefcake/ watts

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles Tourney
1 viscant
2 Genghis
3 Dios X
4 skoot
5 wl chris king
5 wl crisco
7 yeb
7 wl omG3rald

9 wl ryan
9 kankuro
9 wl tommy
13 neoweapon
13 Charles
13 PKSkylar
13 Matt
17 pimpbot9000
17 laceysan
17 call2arms
17 unprotectedSEX
17 T.G. Cid
17 honey badger

San Diego, When and Where will you play? Vol.III

there is a lot to be said about this tourney
but one thing is im never teaming up with jetquick until he wins a tourney <3
dont stop playing jet play more

great turn out for marvel
see you all at when worlds collide


ggs guys mad fun!
good playing with ya joon! glad i was able to keep up


All I gotta say is the MUY THAI KING IS BACK MOTHA FUCKAS lol :stuck_out_tongue:


GG’s guys! My friends and I had a lot of fun. I’ll let you guys know if I’m around San Diego again.