TTTF Super Street Fighter IV AE 2v2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Singles Results and Shout Outs

**The Return of the Muay Thai aka Super Street Fighter IV AE 2v2 Team Tourney **
1 Team Purple Rain- ilya ( Akuma) / chris king ( Claw)
2 Team You Bitches Ain’t Shit- Genghis ( Dictator) / n3m0n1c ( Sagat)
3 Team My Giant- jetquick ( Yun) / unprotectedSEX (Rufus)
4 Team Sex Break- joon the baboon ( Ken)/ ark impulse (Chun)
5 Team Dashers Dashers- MR. CERTIFIED ( Chun)/ combusted ( Rose)
5 Team The Return of the Sexy-laceysan ( Gouken) / Viscant ( Deejay)
7 Team Amazing World of Gumball- slappy slaps ( Honda)/ maku ( Makoto)
7 Team Fundamentals- jokersss ( Viper) / Repulse ( Yang)

9 Team Nah- resres/ wing
9 Team Balam- netedge/ A2TREJO
9 Team Quad City DJs- PKSkyler/ Jalen
9 Large Darlings- honey badger/ KSexy
13 Team Decided- marco/ Who is J-Mo?
13 Team Black Man- zimbabwe champ/ masheveli
13 Team Bison Cock- beefcake/ watts

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles Tourney
1 viscant
2 Genghis
3 Dios X
4 skoot
5 wl chris king
5 wl crisco
7 yeb
7 wl omG3rald

9 wl ryan
9 kankuro
9 wl tommy
13 neoweapon
13 Charles
13 PKSkylar
13 Matt
17 pimpbot9000
17 laceysan
17 call2arms
17 unprotectedSEX
17 T.G. Cid
17 honey badger

there is a lot to be said about this tourney
but one thing is im never teaming up with jetquick until he wins a tourney <3
dont stop playing jet play more

great turn out for marvel
see you all at when worlds collide

ggs guys mad fun!
good playing with ya joon! glad i was able to keep up

All I gotta say is the MUY THAI KING IS BACK MOTHA FUCKAS lol :stuck_out_tongue:

GG’s guys! My friends and I had a lot of fun. I’ll let you guys know if I’m around San Diego again.