Tu4ar.com - breath mints?


Just got a pack of these in the mail with no return address. Not sure how or why.

Anyone else?


Is this a subtle way of Capcom telling the Marvel community to get a better hygiene, lol?


Waste of fresh! :mad:


I see what you did there.




A couple of other people posted about them before too.


Pretty awesome.

How do they taste???

Are they low on flavour? Are they too sugary, or so minty that they feel hot? Would you say that there is a good sweetness to mintiness ratio?

In terms of how fast or slow they dissolve in saliva, what would you estimate their half-life to be? While you’re holding them in your mouth? While you’re actively sucking them?


Like Pringles, of course. Pringles dipped in Hagen Daas. With a Curleh Mustache.

It’s an acquired taste.


They taste like that mint which is small and circular but not altoids, I am almost 100% sure it is them but forget the name, I got them at an SFIV tournament at Seattle gameworks.

Along with an SFIV poster.


Is the taste kinda unbalanced, but intense and delicious?


Well, there’s 56 mints per package, but only about 6 are useable.


Didn’t receive a pack in my mail box. Form of free promotion by Capcom.


I just received my package. It was really creepy honestly. But the bastards didn’t pay enough postage; now I owe the post office 41 cents.





poison! Chew at your own risk


I will buy these mints from someone willing to sell. :tup:


oh wow


That’s pretty messed up. I heard there are another five or so mints in the package that actually do taste okayyy, but only if you eat them in certain, specific combinations with the others.