Tucson, AZ-April 4th- UA Young Democrats Street Fighter IV Tournament

Regardless of your political stripes, we’d like to invite you to our tournament.

April 4th-7:00PM
Location: 3241 E. Hawthorne, (near Country Club and 3rd St) Tucson, AZ 85716
Door fee: $2.00
Entry fee: $5.00
Prizes: 1st Place-50%, 2nd-25%, 3rd-15%, 4th-10%.

Come one, come all, throw the fuck down.

Tournament will be run as follows:
Less than 8 paid entrants=Round Robin. (best of 3)
More than 8=Double Elimination. (best of 3). Semis/Finals (best of 5)

This will be played on the X360 with all chars unlocked.
Players are free to bring their own controllers, but we will have some sticks on-hand.
Come get some!

I understand the above but, what’s on the T-shirts? :smile:

where is the rest of the pot going? cuz…thats a very big percentage thats missing

^ prolly to the house

id rather just pay an extra dollar or so, to enter, so it atleast keeps the pot beefy for the winners. I mean, if not a lot of people enter, the pot will be really tiny. WHich can be crappy considering you put all that work for a really small pot. Whereas, a regular tourney, with same entrants, same price paid, nets you a lot more. Id gladly pay $5 for tourney, and a $2 door fee to cover costs for space rental or whatever, small price to pay to make the pots beefier for the players.

@Scott, I think that’s an awesome suggestion, because then you get some from everyone who comes, and the pot still stays fat for the players. Doing that.

@Josh: The shirts are Dem themed…BE A SMART ASS. Yeah, I know. Some of you who are either right-leaning or despise politics maybe aren’t too thrilled…but hey, a tourney’s a tourney.

Tournament details updated!
Hope to see as many as possible next Saturday.

I’ll be there! Sounds tasty.

Damn this is perfect! two tournaments in one day!! WOOOOOT

Alright, glad there’s some interest generating. We’ll have a couple of sticks on hand courtesy of Arcade-In-A-Box, but of course people are free to bring their own controllers.

My homie said he saw you the other day handing out fliers for this thing, lol. We’ll see you at the tourney.

I’d like to go to this. Does anyone want to practice before hand? Short notice, I know, but I’m free to get some games in. Call/text 520-979-9903