Tucson cvs2 tourney


tourney was fun 26 people showed up (i think)…tourney was 2 of 3 single elim…

1st- Roberth (HeaT)-k groove- akuma, kyo, ken (2)
2nd-Mike Le (mo moe)-p groove- ryu, cammy, sagat (2)
3rd-Sean (smshfighter)-n groove-ryu, sagat, blanka (2)
4th-Rick (ryamazaki)-n groove- ryu, iori, yamazaki (2)

again tourney was lots of fun…some good fights between mike le and sean…

mike le doing some tight parrying shit, as in parrying like blanka’s electricity untill blanka stoped…LOL too good…

im outi



Styupid Roberth, I know your dying for that tenchu 3. You should get that GBA SP, that shit looks awesome. One of those deaf guys at Gamecrazy had a japaneese unit and looked fukin great.


omfg 26 peeps??? hahaha, how many peeps does actually know how to play the game well??


Actually quite a bit of scrubs were there, even junior and his fukin tekken crew came down to play and they don’t even play cvs2. It was free and that’s the only reason they played. I just wanna play xx and super turbo, and that’s it for fighting games.


Roberth you got my team wrong it was ryu sagat blanka2


Damn…if i had Saturday off i totally would have gone down there…what was the prize BTW?


entry fee was free so it wasnt big prize…just store credit for 1st 2nd 3rd…40$ store credit for first…

im outi



They only had 7 that were above the age of 13. Don’t be fooled!


hahahahaha. That’s just fucking great. lol.


hey guys you should let the El paso folks know when your throwing another cvs2 tourny. If this sticks work and you guys are good maybe we could do a little something. LaTeS


There’s a CvS2 tourney at Golfland on the 19th of April. But I don’t think we’re “good” enough to play Texas players…


if we’re “good enough” …we’re all complete scrubs and nubs. we await team texas to show up in the april tourney. see you guys soon. hahahahh …good enough…too good. i guess we’ll vs. you guys in a3…if you’re “good enough”.

that’s actually true:confused: :lol: