Tuesday Night Fights - Corvallis, OR


This is a weekly event in the Corvallis area! A growing group of people interested in leveling up their game and having fun meet every week to play SSF4:AE, UMvC3, Skullgirls, and anything else. We start around 6:30 pm and usually go until 10 pm or so.

I host it at my house in Corvallis, OR. We play primarily SSF4:AE, UMvC3, and Skullgirls, but we’ll play anything people want to play. I’ve got 6 EVO monitors living here now, so we appreciate people bringing consoles but don’t need monitors. Definitely bring your own controller if possible too.

The recent Battle in Valley tournament down here showed many of us that we’ve got some ways to go to get really competitive with Eugene and Portland, so we’ve got the hunger starting to infect people. I know we had a couple players who came to the tournament I haven’t seen before, so please, send me a PM for the address and come on out!

These have been running regularly since January, and we average about 9-10 people a week with a low of 6 and a high of 15. Level of play is varied but growing, and we’ve got a new but healthy scene going.
Our first tournament was a distinct success, and we’re looking into venues for more. We’ve got a core group of dedicated players who are working hard to make sure this group is here to stay.

Send me a PM on this forum, or if you’re on Facebook, we organize primarily through https://www.facebook.com/groups/midwillamettefgc/. Hope to see you here!


Gonna have another session this Tuesday as well, if you’re in the area please come out!


I’d love to make it out, but Tuesday is a bad one, but hey it’s better than Portland. PM me the address


Hey man thanks for hosting, I’ll try to make it there again next week. What’s crazy is that your place is only about 35 minutes away from mine, so Corvallis is much closer than Portland. hit me up next time you’re getting a session going!


Thanks for coming out! I love meeting new people, playing their games, showing them our games. It means everyone gets to play more, see more, get better. Man, now I gotta shell out for KoF13 and start actually practicing that game.


Yeah I like KoF a lot, and no I am not mexican. I just wish I had more time to practice. The guys we round up in salem can give better compfor sure. My gf has become pretty lenient on hosting since her shift changed at work, so I can host pretty much every night from now on. Let’s get something going for our areas to unite.


Yeah, with the drive as short as it is, that makes it pretty easy to commute both ways. I’d love to see some regular cross city casuals going on.


Tuesday Night Fights continues this week! We’ll probably be moving to either Monday or Thursday after this week, I’ll update the thread.


Tuesday Night Fights has become Monday Night Fights! There’s a new info thread here: Monday Night Fights - Corvallis, OR