[Tulalip, WA & Bellingham, WA][Reset Games] Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament

Dust off those fightsticks, Reset Games is having an MVC3 tournament on Sunday September 25th @8:00PM! We’re also upping the ante this time around - The tournament winner gets a FREE copy of Ultimate MVC3 when it comes out in November!! Invite your friends to this Facebook event, lets get this thing huge!

ENTRY: Free!

**PRIZES: **
1st Place: A FREE copy of Ultimate MVC3 (Out in November)
2nd Place: $15 Gift Card
3rd Place: $5 Gift Card

[]Regular matches will be best 2/3. Round winner must keep previous rounds team.
]Championship matches will be best 3/5. Round winner must keep previous rounds team.
[]Double Elimination Bracket (Winners and Losers Brackets)
]Players can use any Characters
[]Game will be played on Xbox 360 systems
]You can bring your own controller or fight stick. Controllers will be provided
[]Levels will be random
]We’re going to run a 4-8-16-32-64 person tournament, byes will be randomly drawn for missing entries
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See you there!