Tunnel Vision Affecting my Fighting Game Skills


Hey there! Although I heard how this forum tends to suffer newbies poorly, with the release of MvC3 I’ve been following the threads here more closely.

Anyways, I’ve been playing fighting games for about 3 or 4 years. I switch games a lot but started playing seriously with Guilty Gear. Well, technically I started with another series but it’s very embarassing so I’d rather not mention it. I’ve played many games after that, including Third Strike, CvS2, SSFIV, BlazBlue, Soul Calibur, and Tekken.

My problem is one that affects me in pretty much every game?I have tunnel vision when it comes to character mechanics. Let’s take SSFIV: I main El Fuerte. I have a decent grasp of his Tostada crossovers, etc. but I forget he has Quesadilla Bomb almost every match. Similarly, when I play Dudley I only remember three moves and, most cripplingly, one of the moves I forget is the duck.

Naturally, I’m terrible at Soul Calibur.

TL;DR I keep forgetting my characters’ moves, how do I break this habit?


You have to play a lot until use of those moves in the right situations is a habit/reaction rather than something you think about


I would get a job as a cook in a restaurant where you are forced to multi-task and tackle on lots of orders simultaneously. If you can juggle cooking a steak to be medium-rare, soft-boil eggs, boil shrimp (easy to over-cook), fry up pancakes, toast bread, deep-fry potatoes, and flip burgers all at the same time, then you’ll be able to remember all your moves in fighting games.

I’m at the point where I can beat a Starcraft II CPU (set on normal) while frying up some breakfast on the griddle. Eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, toast, coffee, orange juice, et al. I’m a pretty decent cook.


No offense but it sounds like you just haven’t really spent much time trying to get better at the game or your character. I’ve never heard of someone who has spent a significant amount of time studying their character who simply forgets some of their characters moves. That’s the kind of mistake people make when they pick accidentally pick a character they don’t know how to play.


I don’t know why you’d have tunnel vision with El. He has so many weapons in his arsenal.


This doesn’t even remotely sound like a vision problem…


Isn’t tunnel vision when someone can only see directly what they’re looking at, and not anything in their peripheral vision? I don’t get how that has anything to do with forgetting to use moves in a videogame.


Maybe it was too flowery a descriptor, but it’s like I only concentrate on one move and don’t look at my character’s full arsenal.

Yeah, it’s pretty accurate that I don’t spend a lot of time improving on one character because I keep changing games. I’ll keep playing online (even playing random people is better than nothing) and spend some time in training mode when I can. Honestly, it’s good to hear that it’s just something to gain from practice as opposed to an individual problem.

Thanks for the help!


Hmm, you said there was a fighting game series that was too embarrasing too mention?

It was Dead or Alive, wasn’t it?




I can relate to this. You probably find yourself wanted to do a specific combo rather than adapting to the opponent’s moves. You just have to keep telling yourself not to want to do anything. Just flow. It’s much like real martial arts. You can set people up and play strategically, but it’s equally important to be able to adapt and react.

I think you can break yourself out of that pattern with a little will power.


Virtua fighter


Nope. DoA was closer.


What’s embarassing about playing Virtua Fighter? That’s a superb fighting game.

Anyway, I’m willing to bet the embarassing fighting game was Mortal Kombat.


^ probably, that game is awful.


Main Guile, he only has two special moves! :open_mouth: