Turbo activating on its own at bad times on my Hori Fighting Stick 3!


Hello, this is sort of my first time I’ve ever actually posted on SRK. I was hoping someone might be able to help me.

I bought a used Hori Fighting Stick 3 about a month ago, and it’s been working fine up until now. Now when I’m playing Persona 4 Arena, turbo will activate on it’s own. This is… embarrassing me. Imagine how confused people are on Ranked Matches when they see Yukiko spamming Diarahan for no reason.

I only use four buttons on my controller, the rest are set to not have any function. But somehow, turbo is activating. I’ll have to unplug the controller and replug it to make it stop.

I’ve opened up my controller, and I can see the insides. Is there a wire or something I can unplug to make Turbo useless? I’ve never dealt with arcade stick before, so… I was hoping someone might know.

Thanks for any help I might receive!


I’ve never disected a stick before but I have disected a million aircraft circuits. If you find a schematic for the stick I could probably help.


I’m looking around, but I’m not sure what you mean by a schematic… like… a picture of the stick’s guts, or something like a blueprint?


Wait, I think I found something. Would this work?


It may, if that’s all we can look at. Try to do some troubleshooting, find out exactly when turbo activates. Which buttons are going turbo, and when they are pressed, or seemingly random? Try to deduce if there is a pattern to it.

Is your turbo a logic AND gate? Turbo (should) turn on only when the turbo button AND desired button are pressed at the same time? I.e. if A=1 and B=1 then C=1.

Right now it sounds like you have an intermittent stray signal satisfying the condition for turning on the turbo function (A). Then as you are playing and hitting buttons this satisfies B, and turbo turns on.

I have never worked on a stick though so if someone knows better feel free to chime in. For right now just try to replicate the fault a few times to help determine the conditions for the undesired effect.


I’ve tried to monitor what button gives me problems… but… it feels like it’s completely random if it happens or not.

I can do with Turbo, in the end. I don’t really see myself using the feature. Besides, this stick for me is sort of a… temporary stick? I plan to move on to a better stick someday.


Wish I could see more of the PCB… is there more than one PCB in your stick, or is that pictured one the only one in it?


Inside the stick, there is the main piece pictured above, a small horizontal chip above that (I’m guessing that’s for the Start and Turbo buttons) with wires that look glued in somehow… then the gate is on the right side of the main PCB.

I can try and take a better picture when I get home later today, if that helps!


Sorry about the late reply, life caught up with me. I took a few photos and zipped them… I don’t have the best camera (cellphone). Sorry!

Again, anyone who can help me would be awesome! I miss using my stick!