Turbo affecting FADC combos?

So I’ve been playing about in training mode a lot recently with Fei Long. His flamekick FADC cancels immediately with the HK version of the flamekick, but the MK version is better for damage for the FADC so I’m trying to learn the timing for that.

Now this is where the ‘thing’ is: to cancel the MK flamekick you have to wait a little bit longer than the HK version before you input the focus attack, and this has been tripping me up.

However, with the turbo on, the cancel can be inputted immediately after the flamekick connects, with the same timing as the HK version. I noticed it was similar with Ryu as well I think.

Anyway, I’ve searched and didn’t find anything relevant, so what makes this happen? Or is it just one of those things?

Don’t use turbo, it’ll only hurt your game, get you flamed, and make people not want to play with you. It also helps you get more reliable combos without it.

And to answer your question, yeah it probably is messing up the FADC.

Edit: Oh, I really didn’t read the question. The turbo probably is hitting the cancel on the first frame it can since it is always repeating itself, making it seem like you can do it any time.

Turbo is very frowned upon, and banned in tournaments.

The moral? Don’t use it.

I think he was using turbo to see what he was doing wrong in the combo… I use it in training mode to test things… as long as he doesn’t use it in a match there shouldn’t be a problem…

And I think you are just fucking up… it cancels the move at the same time manually as it does with turbo… if you do it right… I think you messed up because you are using the same button(mk) twice consecutively in the combo is that giving you trouble? Or is it the dash part? All I can tell you is practice, no tricks that I know of for dashing in after the focus for a reverse dp motion…

I doubt that. The cancel can only happen once the move hits (or is blocked by) your opponent. The delay you described when cancelling MK flamekick is most likely the exact amount of time it would take to get your finger from HK to MP+MK.

MK Flame kick has longer start up time so its not the FADC that takes time

I stand corrected… I think. :wonder:

The turbo is on for the MK button only during these tests btw.

I don’t use the turbo in any sort of match, like I said I was only playing about with it and experimenting in training mode when I found this. I’m not asking about how to better perform the FADC itself, I’m just curious as to how or why the turbo would mean the FA input could be done immediately after the MK chicken wing hits rather than with the short delay that is required without it.

I know you need to give it a short delay because again with the HK version I can get the cancel in straight away on contact, but the same timing with the MK is just too early, so I have to leave what feels like a huge gap between the flamekick and the cancel.

Markisreal, thanks, now I know why the Cancel must be delayed. Still, that doesn’t explain why the turboed MK flamekick can be cancelled immediately on hit whilst the non-turboed one cannot.

I hope I made it a bit clearer this time.

Point still stands, don’t use turbo. You’re only hurting yourself with learing inputs correctly.

It’s banned in tournaments and heavily frowned upon here.

You’re dumb yo

ugh jesus christ people he’s just testing and and asking something, so if know the answer just tell him.

Testing is one thing, but if you’re training to actually pull it off in a real match then don’t use turbo. It’s really on you so do what you want. I see more and more people on live playing with turbo. It’s disappointing.

Yeah these guys are like a bull seeing red, completely ignoring everything else he’s saying and asking and only replying to one word out of context out of everything he says.

What’s happening is that since you’re hitting the same button for the focus it’s taking you a bit longer is all.

I just tried it and didn’t have any trouble FADCing out of mk.fk immediately after the hit. I think it’s like Grog said. It’s kind of a spazzy, awkward movement to do it immediately off mk.fk and you’re probably just not used to it.

Really? The wiki says all flamekicks have the same startup. Is that wrong?

Yeah how did this end up about using turbo? I just explained how I’m just messing with it and that I’ll never use it for any kind of match.

Here’s something, I’ve been using the extra 2 buttons on the end of the stick for FA and throw instead of PPP + KKK, so using a focus button instead of pressing MP+MK together is having some strange affect on the execution.

Some findings then:

  • HK flamekick with Fei Long can be cancelled immediately upon hit with the proper input of MP+MK, or by using a programmed FA button.

  • MK flamekick with Fei Long can be cancelled immediately upon hit using the proper input of MP+MK, but the cancel has to be delayed slightly when using a programmed FA button.

  • However, MK flamekick with Fei Long can be cancelled immediately with a programmed FA button only if the MK button has the turbo activated.

Okay there are just a few things I’ve found, if anyone has any technical idea about that then great, but if it’s just one of those things then meh.

Anyway, I probably should have called this thread something else, a lot of replies seem to have been hashed out without even looking what the post was. Thanks if you actually did read and think about this for me :slight_smile:

Just do the DP and FADC it, its SFIV, not rocket science.

You can FADC almost any move on contact. The trick is contact. The reason your FADC is probably working now is because you hit Focus on the first frame then when you actually hit the oppenent in the next frame turbo hits focus again and it fadc’s because you are focusing at the right time. When you are working on any combo exspecially fadc in training mode you tend to speed it up over time and some time hit the command to early as you are used to not reacting quick enough. Just like a Button masher you need to slow down and think about what you are doing it doesnt matter how much start up a move has you cant fadc until contact is made.