Turbo at EVO?

I heard in another thread that Turbo showed up outta nowhere at this year’s EVO and rocked the stage with a Chun-Li cosplayer. Is this true? Cause wow. I want a video, photo, details, anything. Sounds like the highlight of 08.

Sidenote, his newest project, ElectroRock v.3, has been released, y’all should check it out:

Disc 1:
Disc 2:
Disc 3:

unfortunately the turbo performance was not that good. bad timing on the time he performed (during semis and sf4 and tvc casuals, and the big snk and ggxx side tourneys going. A lot of people’s attention were elsewhere. Plus he was messing up his songs, forgetting lyrics. He finally came correct on a brand new track and did it just fine. It also didn’t help that the audio system really wasn’t tuned well to hear the lyrics, at all

props to him for trying, it was his first attempt live and that takes some serious guts! And I do think his songs are creative and hes pretty decent! It probably didn’t help much either, that there are a lot of people that probably don’t like rap there, as well. Its a diversified crowd ya know?

sabre as always dropping knowledge bombs all over our faces

does he post here?