Turbo Button not working on TE stick

So I just got my TE stick (360 version) and straight outta the box, the turbo button didn’t work. (ie: I would hold the turbo button down and hit a button and nothing would happen).

So I decided to shake the stick gently and punch the joystick around the turbo button (again very gently tapping it)…and voila the turbo button started working!
However the next day when I came back to it, it wasn’t working again.

So obviously something is wrong and I’m hoping it’s just something loose in the turbo area.

Has anyone on here expereinced or heard of anyone expericincing something like this??? I can’t return the stick, b/c they are impossible to come by here in Canada, and I would only get my $ back and have no stick. Everything else works wonderful, ie: all the buttoms and the stick.

I already opened up the back metal case but that didn’t help much as the turbo area is guarded by some plastic… Would opening the front reveal the turbo assembly???

TIA for any help…

turbo is for fools.

If it’s a large concern - return it and buy a replacement, they are quite plentiful now, especially if you order online. Opening it up will only void the warranty and prevent that from being possible.

Now that said, why are you even using Turbo? Having that shit broken on arrival is a blessing.

turbo sucks and so does everyone who uses it

< - lost 20 matches in a row to turbo user

Lol…I’m not using turbo, however when you buy an expensive item like this and something isn’t functioning as it should, it’s a cause for concern. With that said I opened up the front and was able to reach the turbo assembly and played around the the wires and it seems to be working now.

BTW I am mainly using this for MAME as well, so the turbo function would be ideal for jap top-down shooters…

Just to make sure because it hasn’t been mentioned:
You DO know that the ‘lock’ switch also disables the turbo button, right?

TURBO’s are for honda’s man =)

I used turbo and it messes my controls up, don’t recommend doing it.

No wires are soldered inside the TE stick, so one of the turbo button wires is probably a little loose.

Dear lord, if this is the case…

lol…come on guys, are you serious??? Ofcourse that is not the case… I’m a little more tech then that… :slight_smile:

If the Turbo malfunctioning is an issue and you just got it; don’t waste time with a thread. Just send it in for repair from the manufacturer and be done with it.