Turbo button on TE stick used as Select?


Has anyone successfully rerouted the select button to the turbo button? I would like to add the network jack solution for multiple consoles, but I don’t want to ditch my select button to do this. Also, I would rather not put the network jack in the cord housing or add additional buttons.

Thanks in advance!


for i have a similar question ahah.

I only have 8 buttons TOTAL for my joystick and was wondering if i could make the XBOX home button be mapped to select. while still having both function…ahha or i guess i will just leave out the select button and use it for the xbox home button T_T

i want to remove the whole turbo panel and make the xbox button be start+select???

My thought was that we could intercept the turbo wire before it hits the Main control board. We would have to pop the pin out of the harness. Then reroute it to the select positions on the MC and Xbox main board.

Any thoughts?

Since the Turbo button doesn’t do anything unless you hold it down and press a button (and Select isn’t turboable), you shouldn’t really need to disable it or otherwise prevent it from hitting the MadCatz PCB. If I’m not mistaken there’s a contact for the turbo button on the PCB with all the other button contacts.