Turbo controllers and how they can help with the timing of Vega's combos ANSWERS NEEDED

I’m writing this because i recently began to start playing Street Fighter again in years and came across a Vega guide and it mentioned something about a turbo controller being able to ease the timing of some Vega’s linking combos. Then i thought to myself what is a turbo controller? So the only reason i brought this up was because i’m having a lot of trouble with the timing of his links. Can a turbo controller really help me or is there something wrong with my inputs?

Don’t use the turbo function on your controller for linking, since It’ll make it harder in the long run. Learn the timing naturally.

Its really difficult for me cuz im used to playing fighting games like Tekken where the only timing to worry about is catching a launched opponent because in Tekken your combos come out of chains. Also some of the challenge trials seem impossible, fore instance his j.HPs.MKxx l RCF. It seems as if i never get enough charge for the special.

Turbo isn’t as accurate as a human can be in my experience with experimenting with it. Although it might make walk-up cr.LP’s easier, if you hold down turbo after completing a move, standing up, or in any other situation where you weren’t free to move the moment before you want to jab, turbo will usually mistime the first hit and it won’t come out on the first frame available like it would with human precision.

Anyone with a madcats controller/stick with a good turbo function - you’ll see that jabs link together ok at times, but if you try to FADC a rolling crystal flash into a jab with turbo you’ll see the timing is way off and rarely combo’s due to turbo just mashing the button. St.HP into cr.MP will almost always combo if the cr.MP is turboed, but the 1frame St.HP into cr.HP is much less reliable, especially when you consider the applications of plinking it.

Basically BLAQU3, you don’t need it as much as you think, it doesn’t help as much as it seems like it might, and everybody who sees you using it will consider you a laughable no-skill chump who still can’t win (due to relying on automated button mashing that leaves you with wide openings for punishment). Lose with honor, win with skill.

to build enough charge for the trial perform a circle motion till you get to back (not down back)

like let the jump kinda be a side effect of you just going the long route to charging

this enables you to already have the momentum and motion on your way to holding back instead of having to go up then back. You’ll already be on your way to back when you hit up this way.

when you land keep holding back and hit the MK button (standing)

then press forward+ LP before the MK finishes (cancelling)

Im guessing most of u never tried the turbo function. B4 I started researching frame data i frequently used the turbo function to ensure a combo can work b4 practicing it. The turbo controller makes all your combos totally easy as hell. Because we can only press a button so much in say 5 frames we/re forced to learn the timing. The turbo controller triez the button fare more than humanly possible so you always get those one frame links out, You will always get the tech and reversals will get executed on the first frame possible.n.b lightning jabs become laser beams.
It makes EVERYTHING relating to execution ridiculously EASIER.
All this being said, Its freaking cheating, its not allowed is tourneys, and using this you will never learn to combo properly. So dont be a NUB else you gonna face a honda who uses torbo also and be sorry you ever defended using it.

preview>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp3x6l5dZp8

unless you mod your own controller the max rate for turbo is 20fps. So the only way it makes links easier is if they are at least 3 frame links… and even then they are going to be easy enough to hit without turbo. And yes I’ve tried the turbo function during matches to see if it made cLP linking easier. it doesnt. Turbo is a hinderance not a benefit.

Not sure and unable to check cause my nephew has my game… but think it’s j.HKs.MKxxlRCF right?? Yea that was the hardest one for me… to this day still am not able to link it just by jumpin at em. A friends list buddy showed me a kinda cheating way if you only care about getting that trophy. (yes it does feel like i’ve compromised my sf honor) :oops:

Go to which ever side your most comfortable and use the wall. As you jump already start charging and once you touch him with the MK you should be good to go. I can almost land it every time that way.

Set 2 buttons as lp and hold em…
Nvm…just re-read what you said…My controller was modded for 30 frames per sec :frowning:

it wouldnt work with just 2 buttons set to 30 fps

that still wont enable you to do 1 frame links

2 frame links wouldnt be a problem though.

by default each button will work at the same rate at the same time.

you’d have to offset one of the buttons by a frame, or have each button work on an independant timer (if you know anything about microprocessors you know this route would be expensive for a controller set up)

didnt know the extra button didnt help…Convinced my self that it did…:xeye:

At 30 fps its still 50/50…easiest way to get out trials with out any real effort…So i guess it wont enable you to do it but to answer the post yes it would help if you haven’t mastered vega timing yet.

If a guide suggested you use turbo then its probably a really shit guide and not worth using overall

also is it just a coincidence that the people who use turbo are also the ones who type like retards?

lol that was the official prima guide that said that. I remember reading that shit too. lol

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Wait, can you please explain this in more detail? So you hold db and then sort of QCF and then anticlockwise to back? Also what’s wrong with holding db as opposed to just back? Thanks.

actually you start at forward. and it’s only anti-clockwise if you’re doing it facing right. It’s clockwise if you’re facing left. and It’s a half circle not quarter circle. but yeah you have the right idea. The point is to use a single motion to do 2 things. since you’ll hit up forward first you get a forward jump. then you just keep going till you get to back. Obviously you would want to do this fairly quickly. The goal is to be holding back by the time you’re first in the air. Once you get that down having enough charge shouldnt be a problem ever again… at least until you start doing dash ultras and CH to ultra.

and the reason you cant use down back is because sHP wont come out. You’d end up doing jHP cHP.

I don’t know how people have trouble doing the SF4 Trials, they’re the easiest out of all fighting games by far.

The j.HK, cl.MK xx LP RCF Trial is also very easy if you’re not just mashing, the hitstun from jumping heavy attacks is so freaking long, the whole “trick” ist to hit the j.HK late, wait, wait, cl.MK xx RCF…

And to the turbo discussion: At least the MadCatz controllers’ sending the inputs every 3 frames, so you will always hit 3 frame links but 1f and 2f depends on the timing you started pressing the button, which is way more unreliable than sitting down goddamn 30min and learning the timing… god.

And Turbo faster than 2f is not possible, the game registers every input as press and release, sending it every frame will cause the game to “think” it was never released and still pressed.

Thanks man…um you can do dashing ultra’s - just like dashing supers in SF3 O_O O_O ?! How, and is it ever useful? I SAW it done in the original SF4 Vanilla trailer but never again.

Why the FUCK would you want play a fighting game with turbo? If you use turbo you don’t deserve to play FG’s and your part of the reason the online community is so ass.