Turbo/home panel on madcatz se

Hi guys, I am wanting to mod a wii madcatz se stick to make it into a ps2/ps3 stick. The pcb I want to use is in a ‘wrestle joystick’ that has a usb and a ps2 connector on the end. The pcb itself is straight forward easy to solder wires on etc.

The only problem I see is the turbo/home button pannel. On the wii version unlike the xbox 360 version I have seen pictures of, the pcb for the whole things is all in one with the console cable coming from the turbo pannel.

Would it be possible to use the turbos and home button feature? I don’t want to dual mod it or anything, I just want to use this stick for my ps2 (and dreamcast with my adapters, which work great btw!)

Hmm. It depends, I don’t know the PCB of that one. If it’s common ground, then you can easily use the turbo panel, though you will essentially have to “dual mod” it. If you don’t want Wii anymore, though, then you can just cut off the Wii cable. Connect the VCC of the turbo panel to the VCC of the Wrestle Stick, as well as both Grounds. Then, connect the Signal side from the Turbo and Home on the turbo panel PCB to the Turbo and Home of the Wrestle Stick PCB.

If it’s not common ground, you could cut the traces from the metal contacts below the turbo and home buttons (You have to cut the traces to disconnect them from the Wii PCB so they don’t draw power from the Wrestle Stick PCB), then solder wires from both sides to the two sides where the original Turbo and Home buttons were. You could do this if it is common ground, too.

In short, yes, but it is quite a bit technical.

That is the thing though, the wrestle stick doesn’t have a turbo button. It has a home button though.

Also didn’t get most of that… noob here hehe. No idea what a VCC is.

Oh, if the original PCB didn’t support Turbo, you won’t be able to add it.

If you didn’t get that, it may be a bit difficult to use the Home button of the Wii PCB. I can try to help you out, but maybe you should read http://www.shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/dual-modding-101.125848/ so you understand. Since you essentially have to “dual mod” it for that one button.

However, if you have a spare 360 turbo panel from the SE, it would be easier to use for this, since the circuitry of the 360 PCB isn’t in the Turbo Panel.

Ok, thanks for the info. I had a feeling it would be a bit too much hassle. I’m going to try and ghetto hack it so the wii home button presses onto a bit of pcb that the wrestle stick has for its home button… bit of tape maybe, heh.

That does sound very getto. Do not be upset if it fails. Alternatively, I think if you get a small momentary push button from lets say radio shack, maybe a 10, 11 mm button might fit where the Wii home button used to sit.

I couldn’t even de-solder the buttons to get the pcb off of the wrestle stick. I think they might be glued on… I might just do a pad hack.

Not sure if you gave up on desoldering yet, but they are not glued, just a lot of solder. Make sure to use a good amount of flux on your wick.