Turbo Noobs

I just encountered some guy named jjluuuuuuuuuuv on XBL. He was showing me that he had every turbo button engaged. It was kind of fun to play him at first because I was beating him but then it just got old and wouldn’t leave my lobby’s.

I know there’s a Rage Quit thread but I didn’t see a thread about Turbo users. Now we have one.

I’ve encountered him, he plays bison. Sounds pretty young I think he’s a teen, but his skill level sucks so bad that turbo doesn’t help him much.

IMO, turbo only benefits chun-li, 100% win on every throw, instant lightning legs

Turbo benefits whoever is using one, if the opponent isn’t (stating the obvious). Some characters may benefit more, but they all benefit too much from turbo. It removes the skill/timing from tight link combos, greatly increases the chance of a successful reversal and of course, gives you a better chance at winning throws (I don’t think there is a so called priority on throws as they all come out on the same frame, but characters do have different throw ranges).

In short, turbo makes life hard especially if you use a shitty Xbox pad like me.

I beat that piece of shit pretty bad, he was a huge jackass. Now I’m even more glad that he sucks.

LOL, Ive come across that guy a couple times. Tried to be all abrasive through voice chat but everyone just muted him. Dude sucks balls too turbo or no turbo.

Not met this guy but I’ve semi-regularly encountered a turbo using Chun Li player… I think it was in ranked many months ago though, Chinese sounding gamertag is all I can recall. I think almost all turbo users I’ve found were in ranked. Sadness.

It certainly doesnt help that the SF4 TE sticks have Turbo outta the box, kinda asking for it there… You would have figured some one would have said something about that, but alas, nope. My personal favorite is a Turbo Kuma scrub, some people just fail at life…

lol jjluuuuuuuuuuv.

Seriously, that guy sucks at Street Fighter. That he uses turbo only exacerbates his inaptitude.

Read my FAQ, y’all. :slight_smile: Mashing (or turbo) is not the way to go. Timing is better. Even then…yeah…I even admitted in my FAQ that you could NOT read it and still do well at Street Fighter. :slight_smile:

So…I guess you don’t have to read my FAQ. I just like saying READ MY FAQ though. :slight_smile:

PATURA is a Turbo using jackass on PSN. His Turbo Gief can pull off a reversal at ANY TIME. It’s totally cheap shit.

If only someone would compile all of our Frequently Asked Questions and the like, and then provide us with answers in a list like form…

All I have to say is “lol online”

Yeah tournys/offline are lucky, they don’t have to deal with turbo, programmable sticks, and akuma’s nonsense.

I hate the people who have actually trained their akuma. Shit’s retarded.

I’ve played a couple of suspected turbo users

NappyNightmares uses a turbo, and also likes to insult
Mailmanimp (cant confirm it, but I highly suspect that player of using turbo)

There are some other players I suspect, but I really cant accuse them, dont have enough evidence

Yeah, not everyone has access to local events. Especially for something that isn’t SF4.

Mailman admits to it if you ask him, he has no qualms about it. As I understand, his reasoning is that he hates the online lag, so he uses it and doesn’t apologize for it. It’s lame as hell when Chun Li walks up spams lp and just shuts you down so hard.

cant stand these cheap fighters, i hope one day that turbo controller will over heat and explode their thumbs off!

turbo using chun-li players piss me off the most. I cant think of any other character that benefits more than her, perhaps honda

turbo only takes away from ur play level, for anyone including chun and honda. how do i know? i tried it on my sf4 te stick. turbo wont get u better reversals then a well timed hit. plus turbo for chun and honda make the light kick/hand slap come out at wrong times during a combo or footsies. as far as turbo for hawk and gief for reversals, i dont think it makes a difference if u time good. i tested and confirmed that my reversals come out cleaner when i time them vs holding the turbo down and spinning the stick wildly. i have a turbo button but i prefer not to use it to be more precise with my game play.