Turbo on Arcade Stick


Well, i’ve played SF all my life… but never understood the mechanics of the game until I owned SF IV on ps3…

So I got serious, and started practicing w/ my hori arcade stick.

I got pretty descent w/ my stick…

Long story short, I was wondering if using turbo is considered cheating/noob?

Like I don’t have my stick modified or anything like that… It’s just the hori SA 3 addition stick w/ the turbo button attached to it…

But do people use turbo in tourneys?

If someone can give me an answer on this, I would appreciate it…


it is not used…especially in tourneys

the ONLY thing I use it for is when I fire up some Metal Slug or Alien Hominid.


ah I see… Damn I have to learn how to play all over again lol.


Yeah turbo is heavily disliked in the community as it takes out all the real practice of execution. Most tournaments would actually outright ban them in the rules (this was discussed recently) but in reality the reason why is because it was such common knowledge to simply NOT do it, or else people will seriously beat your ass in public.

So if you see a tournament that doesn’t specifically says it bans turbo, just assume it’s not allowed.


Whats the benefit of actually using turbo anyway?


It’s not just frowned upon or disliked, it’s not allowed. Valle had a post about it not too long ago.

It’s not good for all the characters, but obviously, chun, Honda and others will have an advantage. In addition, for 1-frame links, it does increase your chances of hitting combos like ryu’s abortion punch, mexican upper into shoryu.


[]The execution barrier for links become non-existent, allowing you to abuse very effective combos that would normally be difficult or downright impossible like Jab > Jab > Sweep, or Vega’s Jab > Jab > Jab > EX FBA, respectively.
]Mash moves become a mindless endeavor, allowing anyone to bust out Gen’s MK xx Hands, Blanka’s Jab xx Electricity or some of Honda’s crazier HHS combos without even trying. Those are hard to do for a reason.
[*]Certain characters like Balrog can put up a wall of cr.Jab, but this is one of the lesser evils.

The thing is, and this mitigates my rage a bit, most people who use turbo don’t know how to use it effectively. They’re usually complete scrubs. They’ll not end their combos properly or not bother to take full advantage of a lot of the possible shenanigans that’s usually locked out until you make it to higher levels of play. The things I could do with turbo would be downright ridiculous, but I never see it because usually those who do use it have no intention of learning how to play the game properly and just want to fuck around.

Honestly, I would just sit in player matches all day and bust out cr.Jab xx EX HHS > cr.Jab xx EX HHS > cr.Jab xx EX HHS > cr.Jab xx EX HHS > cr.Jab xx FP.HHS > s.RH for lulz.


I find that using turbo doesn’t help my links very much. Turbo hits it pretty fast but it’s not lightning speed.




Turbo hits every other frame so it is extremely fast(it could only get faster by 1/60th of a sec)
Another way to see the speed of turbo is go into training record Balrogs jab with turbo and then play it back and mash your own jab as Balrog.


In that case, when using turbo, would every 1-frame link be a 50/50 gamble?


From my understanding yes as seen in this post also. :slight_smile:


You’d think so, but that uproar Valle caused over turbo makes me wonder if that isn’t actually the case.


The turbo feature on sticks is mainly for shooting games. Worthless when it comes to fighters, and they’re banned in tournaments anyway.


easier to hit links. anything 2 frame and above it’ll hit it close to 100% if it can’t be chained. easier for multi-hitting button moves like chun’s lightning legs.


The only legitimate use for SF4 that I can think of is that it makes cheesing through Time Trial and Survival with lariat spam for color unlocks a lot less painful.


I can’t believe that people don’t realise that turbo is cheating?! Think about it. Capcom made moves like hundred hand slap a mash move for a reason, so that it requires some level of exertion, in other words you eventually get tired performing it. Turbo removes this aspect of it. If Capcom wanted/intended moves like HHS to come out by holding the button down (like you would on turbo), they would have just programmed it like that.

Turbo users are even worse than droppers or Akuma scrubs.