Turbo performs again please?

Hey EVO staff, I was just talking to Turbo on twitter and I asked him if he was interested in performing again for EVO. He replied that he was totally down with it but he didnt wanna come up in here and impose on ya’ll.

If any of you guys liked his performance last year, or love his SF related tracks like [media=youtube]JTGEvd3uEaQ"]Balrog bonus, Telepoted (a Dhalsim song), Then lets represent and show Turbo some love in this thread! or you guys can ask him directly to preform at his twitter!

Lets all get turbo to EVO again! I wanna see him preform Teleported Live!!!

Turbo is awesome

that is all

I must’ve been eating or something when he last performed at EVO, because I missed it. I would’ve liked to see it though.

Turbo is some epic shit, would love to see him perform.