Turbo Questions

I have a few scenarios here, please tell me if they at all indicate the use of turbo.

  1. I go for a cross-up, somehow get thrown before I even do my cr. jab after the cross.
  2. After doing cross-up > cr. jab, I get thrown.
  3. I have a guy in the corner, I do cr. jab to tick into a command throw. Opponent suddenly does cr. jab > SRK.


  1. Nope. You know that spamming jabs is a horrible way of dealing with ticks. Specially up close.
  2. Kinda, but absolutely not conslusive. It is a known setup.
  3. Also kind of. It can be just POS execution.

The greatest sign of turbo is perfect meaties losing every single time to throws, IMHO.

Funny thing, my meaties DID lose to throws…

What about them getting a reversal on wake up every single time? I played someone on GGPO yesterday who did a reversal DP after I’d knocked him down probably 20 times in a row.

that macros then… on GGPO you can use a soft called Input Watcher, you can see his/her inputs, if it perfectly made everytime in a certain situation, he’s using macro, also works for turbo.

Norieaga, i’ve been able to throw somobody after he cross me up and suddenly interrupt the rest of the combo… just mashing forward kick as crazy to get a kneebash. xD, just sometimes i’m not perfect doing that shit 24/7

The things that happened to me do not happen often, that’s why I’m wondering. Even when I face very good players this kind of crap doesn’t happen. This was a rare occurrence, hence my skepticism.

Well, wake-up is a situation that makes it easier to reversal. The player knows exactly when he must do the move and with anticipation, so he does not need to rush anything. I consider myself particularly bad with reversals, but on a good day I can get most of them when waking up. Most times I mess them up are due to not being used to the controller: I mess up the motion, not the press.

As for the question itself, I’d ask back if they were all with the same strength. There is only one player I know who does single button reversals with consistency, which is dg (a Brazilian player, not Dark Gaiden from Cali). I’ve watched his replays and played him with Input Watcher and could verify he was just that good with timing that single button with a single press. A number of others use turbo, being that some of them admit. Finally, answering the question, if the reversals are all with the same best strength (jab for Ryu and Ken, short for Guile, roundhouse for Chun) then I would be really suspicious, as it is something VERY hard to do. If each time you notice a different version, then they may be pianoing.

PS: I have translated 50% of my article about button pressing. Hope to get it done tomorrow or next Monday.

Yeah that was the other thing that was suspicious, they were all reversal jab DPs.

None of this proves turbo use.

  1. Go into training mode and do the crossup, cr Jab. If you’re not getting a 2 hit combo, then you can be reversal thrown in between. Good players do this all the time. If you are doing it with combo timing, then you cannot be thrown in between.

  2. If you’re trying to do a Typhoon after the cr Jab, and the opponent is still within throw range, then either your throw or their throw will win, especially if your tick throw is not airtight. Either improve your throw timing or do more cr Jabs to push the opponent outside of their throw range but still within your Typhoon range.

  3. Sounds like your tick throw is not airtight. If you had actually executed a Typhoon, the opponent’s cr Jab would not even be allowed to startup, he’d simply get tossed.

Consistent reversal throws or reversal attacks on wakeup does not prove turbo use. IMO, the only thing that proves turbo use is whiffing rapid fire Jabs or Shorts. Consistent reversals, including consistent Jab Shoryukens or RH Upkicks, could just be a skilled/talented player.

That Japanese player sunkjokky comes to mind. Excellent player in all regards, I just know that when he hits jabs and shorts that it’s blurry-as-hell, to the point where the jab sound effect can’t keep up with the on screen graphic motions.