what is turbo and how can I get my hands on it??

Oh, this should be good…

Tess turbo?
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na not this, i just want to beat people’s throws and do crazy reversals online. Anybody know of any modded controllers i can get? I’m willing to pay, pm me if you have details…

send 100 dollars to my paypal and i’ll tell you the secret to super fast reversals and counter throws, yo.

Just curious, why the need to cheat to win in a game? Wouldn’t it be better to just learn how to play the game and beat them fair?

You might want to learn to ‘piano’ inputs. In many situations it’s superior to the 20Hz turbo that you’ll get on most controllers.

You want tirbo not turbo, it’s far superior my man.

Don’t be sharing our secret tech.

This was the same dude who was caught rage-quitting before. What a great community we have.


Finally you understand and see why I am always trying to outdo people like this. Being exposed to this certain mentality makes you want to act even worse to try to shock someone like this. The true challenge is how can you find a way to outdo someone like this. It is easy for me to do but leads to trouble as can be seen in the bad game threads by people who started first. The value is high when you can out shock the person who tries to shock you.

Sometimes it is also nice to pay it forward. Someone treats you like trash or acts moronic and you try to pay it forward to the next person.

Someone accuses me of turbo? Take it out on the next person and accuse them. Someone ragequits? Ragequit on the next person. Someone talks like they are on drugs and acts like an idiot? Do the same and try to find someone legitimate to do it to for bonus points.

Some tips to make Xbox Live more fun fast but this can get you into forum trouble. The players think they are in some modern day high schools and may still be and try to cyber bully you on a forum when that is what my aim was to get the recognition for my antics in the first place. Each piece of recognition whether good or bad just increases my prestige and when someone makes a post about you on a forum then I know what I have done has paid off.

Yeah, I hear you man. I’ve wanted to lash out many times, it doesn’t do much though. I instead post the rage messages on my Youtube :slight_smile: I’ve found the best thing to do is just beat the player. Did you get hatemail? Send them the old “GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN” bit, works every time. Or, just do what I do and stick to player matches with a few select people that you actually talk to. I’ve been playing with largely the same group for months now, nothing changes. I guess the only negative is I’m not getting too many different matchups. Ah well.

cool story bro…

but back on topic, yall know where I can find a modded controller, or care explaining what turbo is and how it works…Thanx in advance

sounds like someone’s not getting their tirbo.

So this is what it’s come to? Mtaylo, ragequitting and turbo seriously aren’t the way. When someone beats you soundly, the default thoughts shouldn’t be, “He must be using turbo” or “Bet he couldn’t do that offline.”

No, instead, you should look for ways to improve. Heck, swallow your pride and ask for pointers. You’d be surprised how eagerly and readily top players share advice. I know from experience that it hurts to be thrashed but it hurts more to resort to loser talk/methods. For instance, I was massacred by Ganelon’s Vega some time ago but had the wherewithal to ask for advice. He was more than willing to point out places that I could improve and I applied his recommendations to good effect.

Imagine how you might have improved if you had asked for some strategies in the Fei-Blanka match (or do you use Bison–it doesn’t matter who you use). Instead, you quit and send some sort of hate mail regarding my supposed virginity (that’s always fresh). That is simply opportunity squandered.

For your sake, I hope abandon this turbo crusade before you trap yourself in bad habits and laziness…and still lose. “That guy must have the latest model of turbo. He’s cheating! Where do I get THAT?” :lame:

Worst. Thread. Ever. Quit trolling dude.

Quoted for so much truth. The battle is against your opponent but also against your self. You have to battle your ego to admit that there are people better than you. Human nature is a funny thing - being humble is hard for people who are naturally attracted to zero-sum competitive fighting games!

Picture yourself as a Japanese samurai, would they be wailing and taking shit after they lost a match? No, they’d be stoic and deeply contemplative.

That’s a cool story and I’m really happy for you and all but I just want to know what turbo is and how I can get my hands on it.

P.S. - I don’t remember playing you at all, You shouldn’t get so worked up over the words of ragequitters. At least your better than them in Street Fighter, I don’t know why you take it so personal, just delete the message and move on :nono:

Turbo allows you nearly perfect wake-up timing and throw countering. It is a form of cheating. Any more questions?

There was some discussion in Formula 1 around 10 years ago or more, when they switched turbo for aspirated, then back again. Not sure if they should switch back or not. BTW, RBR did great today: the Ferraris had no chance.

BTW: turbo is when the mix is not just naturally aspirated due to vacuum caused by the movement of the pistons, but also somehow forced into the cylinders. It increases power, but also fuel consumption.