Turn me into a Fighting Machine

Simple as it says…make me a fighting machine on Marvel vs Capcom 2. I want to know how to play this game as best as I can. Even learn the little things and even things that make all characters tweak and work perfectly in unison. Will someone be willing to help me gain a understanding of the game and it’s concepts. Teach me about infinites and all those things. I’m just seeking to become the best gamer I can. Add Undying Gotunks on XBL and we’ll do the training. I’m ready for whatever. I rarely sleep cause I can sleep when I die. So hit me up at anytime.

Go to training mode or random player matches with your favorite characters and mash out to your hearts content. Then when you get smashed against top tier teams and lose hope in your team quit then. This game takes several months or years for a lot of people to grasp marvel. Theres plenty of info here on srk that will explain what you seek.

I must say this was the best information I have gotten from anyone. Anybody else?

Play the top tiers(well try team scrub to start with)… or don’t bother learning the play at all… thems the breaks:smokin:… look in the forums… if you have a question(simple ones… not very good at Marvel myself)… the notation confused me at first but now I understand it… seemed like a whole different language at first…

And no one can make you better… play and you’ll get better… also practice the combos the you pick up in the MvC2 forums…

That’s KiNd of true, but not entirely…you can be successful with lower tiers, but it’s almost always a STEEP uphill battle. Just find people who play a lot and practice with them and in training mode, you’ll pick it up. Not instantly, but you’ll get it. Add me, I play pretty often. My gamertag is Kompozur3.

Yeah…about that ‘sleep when I die’ thing…try something else.