Turn my ps3 TE stick into an XBOX stick

im selling my ps3 and getting an xbox.

is it possible to turn my ps3 TE stick into an XBOX one?

what would I need to accomplish this? thanks.

Are you against dual modding it? Just get a Madcatz 4716 controller to hack it, so you can solder it up to the ps3 TE.

This might be a long shot, but why not just see if somebody wants to trade sticks?

Just the thread I was looking for. I have 3 Xbox Round 1 TEs and I want to trade one for a PS3 TE. Less than 5 hours of use on all of them. PM and we can work something out.

If youre not into trading then just replace the pcb with one from an xbox TE, you will need all the cables of course because i think the xbox version might have a few more ribbon cables than the ps3.