Turn PS4 Triggers into Buttons/Bumpers


I’ve grown to like my PS4 controller. My only real issue is with the triggers for SFV. I so wish they were bumpers like the top ones are. I have no real clue or feedback to tell me if I’ve pressed far enough or at the same time as another button press.

Is there any way to turn these triggers into buttons via replacements or special attachments of some sort?


Do you prefer the ps3 controller instead?


Given enough time and resources, sure, it’s probably possible. But I think getting a PS3 pad is going to be way easier.


If you’re unable to find a solution, Battle Beaver Customs converts triggers into buttons.


Oh I’m not familiar with ps3 controllers. They have bumpers where the triggers would normally be? That sounds good, but do I need a special adapter to use it on PS4?


be aware that PS3 controllers are a bit smaller, if you have big hands like me then PS1/2/3 controllers with be uncomfortable compared to PS4


Yeah, you can use a Brooke PS3 to PS4 adapter. Go to your local gamestop and ask to see one of their used controllers and hold it in your had to see how it feels.


Actually I was thinking they do, but thinking again that’s false. That was PS2.


Yikes I watched a youtube vid on the controllers and you’re right. The PS2 controller has all bumpers and the PS3 onward has triggers. This is really getting my goat.

But it looks like Battle Beaver Customs has an option to switch the stock trigger out for a clicky button-like trigger, so I guess I’ll go that route.


You could get a ps2 to ps4 adapter from brook