Turning Off Game Music in MAME

Is there a way to turn off the in game music in Street Fighter Alpha 3, or in fact, any of the fighting games?
I am talking about the music in the background during the fight. In console versions, you can go into options and turn the music to 0 or off. I have not been able to find a way to do this in my MAME version.
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

go to options and the SOUNDS options tab its in there
of course depending on the MAME build that you are using

or you could simply press the `~ button on your computer and turn it down

I tried this but it turns down the all the sounds in the game, even the fighting sounds ( hits, voices, punch sounds, etc).

I want to keep the sounds of them hitting each other, them saying Hadouken ! and things like that.

I only want to remove the music. Is there anyway to do that on the arcade version?

There must be some way in the arcade version, since Kawaks lets you disable music, sounds, and voices separately. I’ve never found those settings in MAME. I prefer Kawaks a lot more for Capcom fighters anyway though. Much better variety of video settings to choose from as well.

As do I, button configuration in kawaks is also infinity simpler than mame. Then there are the spiffy graphics filters like you mentioned.

Last i checked Mame does not have stuff like the 2xSai enhanced filter.

oh… the thing I don’t like about Kawaks is that it is a bit too simplistic, also, setting the controls is not as good as MAME in my opinion.

Anyway, how do you disable music in Kawaks?

MAME is a general purpose emulator that tries to do true hardware emulation, so, of course it’s not going to mess with the music independently of the sound, etc.

(Mame32 and other ports do include add on features, but they’re not the base line code for mame.)

What do you mean by this? Is there an option to turn off the music in MAME32?
Or do I have to install the add on feature for it?

In MAME you can’t disable music only. You can disable all sounds only.

In MAME I see Kreed’s 2xSal and Kreed’s Super 2xSal and other filters.

Hmmm…So does this mean that only Kawaks can disable the music?