Turning Parries Off?

OK, lets say hypothetically, we turned off Parries in 3s through the system directions menu.

-What sort of consequences would that have on the gameplay?
-Would it make it a better or worse fighter?
-If say there was a tournament for 3s where parries where turned off, would regular 3s players not enter it?
-Would it encourage previous 3s naysayers to play it?

Just for the record, i am not saying we should turn parries off in 3s, all i am saying is that maybe it might be interesting if there was a one off in the future, something totally separate, that would not interfere with anything else.

Just something i am throwing out there, for possible future reference.

I am not trying to cause hate or anything, so people please keep their hate out of this thread, serious discussion only please. If you can’t handle that, don’t post.

Here we go again.

3s was developed with parries in mind. So turning it off would probably make the game unplayable

There was a thread about this before (yes, it started off with discussion about turning parries off) and it basically wound up with some people saying the ability to build meter on whiff should be turned off and the rest saying nothing should be changed at all and to play something besides 3S if you have a problem with it.

And the stale battle over parries reignites in five, four, three…

I tried searching for this, i but found nothing, sorry, maybe cause search only lets you search back to Feb this year. Anyway though it sounded like that thread ended in a dead end. “Play something else” is not a very good answer, as it defeats the purpose of the question.

What’s up with getting all… Defensive before any discussion?

Could someone link the older thread on this?

Worse, for sure, but you know, some times with some friends we play 3s using System Direction, without parries but with air block, Alpha-style. Its kind of fun.

Don’t worry about it. It’s just a heated topic on this forum. But if we all just take it cool… maybe this thread will fade away before history is repeated for the 4th/5th time.

I’m not trying to hate or anything, but we might as well be playing ST. Here’s some possible changes that may occur if parrying was taken out:

-fireball/dragon punch traps will be a viable strategy again
-we will see more deaths due to chip damage
-jump-ins will be safer
-it will be much easier to pressure on wake-up

As a matter of fact, I think the tier list would look a little different. Shoto’s and Remy may move up because of the increased effectiveness of projectiles. On the flip-side Hugo may move down, since parrying lead into a lot of his set-ups.


I’m about to go have some fun and play alpha style on 3S like Hayama Akito mentioned.

Hmm, I can’t find it either. Memories are hazy, but the OP of that thread came up with the idea because his friends played around with the Sys Dir. I remember one of the first things mentioned is that Denjin Ryu became God Tier as a result of turning parry off. That could be a problem for me since I like DJ Ryu and don’t want him banned…:sweat:

He’s just asking a question, why get all bent out of shape?

To answer the q it would probably be worse. As said before it was designed with parries in mind and so it would be thrown off with that taken out of the equation.

For one thing denjin ryu becomes a lot deadlier and real keep away games become viable.

If it makes you 3s players less yancy about the subject how about I put this question foward: What would happen if you turn off the assists in mvc2 by changing the button config?

What would the tier list look like? Would it be better or worse? etc. etc.

lets just turn blocking off and only have parry

I just want people to clear about what i am trying to discuss, cause i know how easy something like this could blow up into a love/hate 3s flame war.

Yes i agree fireballs would be alot more prominent since they will be a much more effective zoning tool.

I don’t agree about jumpins will be safer though. Anti-air moves which are normally parry bait will be much more effective. I think you would have to think much more carefully about your jumps.

About wakeups, knocking down your opponent would give greatier advantage to the attacker, since theres no get out of jail free card.

I don’t really agree with “you might aswell be playing ST”, cause if parry is all some people really see as the difference between 3s and ST, then doesn’t that just mean your saying Parry is only a gimmick?

When I said “we might as well play ST” I didn’t mean that in all seriousness. As far as jump-ins are concerned, I agree that they probably aren’t any safer, but your whole mentality about jump-ins will be changed. And no I don’t consider parrying a gimmick, because gimmicks are just little things that will easily fade away, while parrying is an integral part of 3S.


Here’s my settings for playing 3S in A3 style:

-ground parrying off
-anti-air parrying off
-air parrying off
-guard parrying off

-air guard on
-S.A. gauge max start on
-all super arts on

parries is what got me interested in the game in the first place, turning that off will kill the game for me.

When I play 3s I always want to do parries unlike to say garou that I barely use the just defend option. Maybe in that game you can turn that off and it will still be fun for me.

Yun would still be the best character in the game. Hugo would be BY FAR the worst character in the game. Even worse than Twelve.
Ryu would be better than Ken because of denjin as has been mentioned before.

you guys have no idea what you’re talking about. Fireball traps will never be good in 3s.

I think the top tier would still be top (Chun would be MUCH more dirty), but a lot of characters (Akuma for example) would move up due to increased usefulness.

Oh yeah, and Hugo would basically be unplayable.

Why does everyone always wanna change 3S?