Turnout better in 2004 or 2005?

I liked 2004 evo better but the location was better in 2005. i think there was more entries in 2004 also.

there were more entries in 2005 by almost 100

is that by number of regestered players or entrys in total games?

If its by games then its just as impresive as if it were total reg. Being that vf4/sc2 were not in evo this year.

Hope for even bigger next year.

how many total?

I would say that there were more players because of MLG but the quality of players was lower. I think that unless MLG sponsors again that this year will have even less quality because Evo2k5 was a lesser tournament. The show aspect was lower and the atmosphere was not as intense as previous years. I hope that the theme music is back and that the matches are showcased better. Evo2k5 seemed like another website held it. It was good for a fan but a step back for Evo for sure.

More players does not mean a better tournament at all. If not for the japanese and MLG I don’t know what players would think. Not that I would never show up for support:)

Grape, wtf?

2K5 was fine. I don’t really think the quality of players was lowered at all.

What are you talking about? There were more EVO registrants at EVO2k5 than at EVO2k4. While not MLG’s fault directly, the joint gig with MLG caused some hiccups and other problems that could be worked out with more experience working together. EVO was not the same at EVO2k5 because of the significant changes, but if EVO and MLG work together again for EVO2k6, I expect things will be a lot better because both parties will know each other more and be able to work more things out. It is my sincerest hope that both groups will be able to run their events at full capacity, or better yet, as one truly joint event that is better than the sum of both.

where were evo2k2,evo2k3and evo2k4 held?

I was saying what you missed. More entrants does not mean it was a better tourney. All the serious players I know always go back to 2k2-3 when asked what was the best tournament. Aside from the Japanese, the level of players has definately dropped with each passing year. From old school to Marvel.

The question was about turn-out. My answer was that judging by numbers the turn-out was better. Judging by things that matter to me the turn out was worse. Evo has gone casual. That’s great for the average gamer and Evo since average would mean more people attending. For the serious competitor it isn’t good. There are posts of people wanting a new flagship tournament for SF. This is why I think.

Pomona, California

UCLA 2k2

whers pomona?

Pamonas in southern cali. 2005 was way better and i hope they have evo in vegas this year too.

vegas is the entertainment cap of the world-so it wud b the best place 4 it.but,ca is the gaming cap of the world so it has a case 2

I attended EVO 2k4 and 2k5, and in my opinion 2k4 was way better. Teaming up with MLG wasn’t so great, I felt like they where more focused on the Halo stuff.

I have to say that I liked EVO 2k4 better since the BYOC had its own room and all, not to mention a downstairs arcade to add to it. But EVO 2K5 wasn’t bad either but could have been a lot better without MLG. I’m sure this time around EVO should be better than ever if everyone comes through and help out. Take care.

2004 was better. Of course you’re going to have more entrants, it’s a new year. It should always keep growing, period. Of course, 2004-2005 was daigo/3s era, and a lot more people got into the fighting games. Yeah, vegas is cool and all, but I think it should be back in Cali. Besides, people my age (<21) Are really limited in stuff to do in vegas, besides hit up arcades, that don’t have many fighting games. (No 3s, maybe a cvs2 somewhere?)