Turny vids 4/2

NEW Turny vids 4/2 from 01/11/04

New Vids up on my site… ‘obot64.com’ You guys know what to do. enjoy… :slight_smile:

the vids are really good, i just didnt like the way ryu lost against bison in the second vid. ryu should of won that one.
but on the third, the match was really good. in general all the vids are good.

where were they dont by the way?
i hope an xarcade was used and i can see its a japanees game on consol scince bison is called vega and akuma is called gouki.

3rd strike vids

they were good also, you played well, altho i thought you ex’ed to many hadokens in the first, but you played smart on the second vid.
dreamcast looks weird ( sounds weird to be exact )

vids are good!! keep it up !!!

the vids were recorded on a vmu, then I encoded them, and put them on my site. Nobody use an x-arcade… lots of mass sticks though. And we were playing on a remixed edition of the cvs2 game… The RDG edition :smiley:

Perhaps I should mention that people that donate to my site get a free back up copy of the CVS2 RDG edition disk signed by rdg himself!

rdg??? vmu??? HELP:lame:

RDG stands for RUSH DOWN GOD
VMN = the dream cast memory card
… hope that helps

what so special about RDG version of cvs2

If you’re going to play Ken in 3S, you won’t be taken seriously unless you pick Shippu Jinrai Kyaku.

thats ok, cuz i dont play sf3 serously

RDG version of cvs2 has edited music. you can hear some on the clips if you listen hard.

what console?



hey, just wondering what song that is on the Lycan_vs_Julian_01_11_04_ltu_tury video. thanks

Ya, and please tell me what song that is on EGB vs. VDO too :smiley:


lol, sorry guys
the only way u can get those songs is to have the cvs2 disk with the remixed music…
:slight_smile: Plus i dont know the names.