Turtle problem...

I’m having a problem with anyone decides to turtle with a life lead… most of the time regardless of what character they are using. I’m good against attackers but I cant seem to muster up some offense of my own. Any tips would be useful. thx^^

poke them into a corner, get 3/4ths of the screen away and fireball, whenever they try to counter with a fireball of their own or FA, just poke em.

That’s what i do but then again I have a lot of trouble against the guile matchup so i dont know if this is very sound advice.

I play cammy so I have this problem as well. In my opinion it becomes a play on raw skills. I love to play a really close game. When your in close you get into there head if you have a good pressure game. At that point you can either attempt to bait and punish blocked or missed stuff. Or my personal favorite, dash in and grab. These are the situations that make you a better player if you know how to handle them. Hope that helps!!!

Or if its Dhalsim, then slide grab!

I have trouble with this as well.

Personally, my stupid theory is that your putting yourself at more of a risk by trying to be offensive with sim against a turtle. They’re just sitting there zoning and waiting to react to you. For me, the match just turns into a competition of getting the life lead, out turtling and zoning each other, and running down the clock. I think its a bit easier to deal out damage to someone who is twitchy and wants to rush you down or just generally attacks you. They’re sticking out something and you can usually find a way to punish it. On the other hand a turtle just sits there waiting to react to you, but Dhalsim is too slow, can’t rush down, or have that many mixups. The game plan for me usually ends up being focusing on the clock, chip damage, and the other person’s patience.

If someone tries to turtle with a character with an fb with slow recovery, I’ll try to bait them into an fb war, win it, and teleport mixup. I’ll probably just do that once since I know they’ll be looking out for it next time. If they don’t have an fb, I’ll try to walk them into the corner and try to provoke them into doing one of the options I expect them to take and anticipate on punishing it. I just basically try to force their hand into taking one of the options that I expect to find some way of opening them up and then try to punish it. Sometimes I’ll slide in, end up cr. forward distance, and jump back yoga sniper. If I have a catastrophe and theyre cornered, I’ll just throw it out and wait for them to do something.

Generally, I just think its hard for Dhalsim against a turtle. Dhalsim’s just too slow, lacks rushdown/mixups, and can be easy to react to if you just sit there and wait. I could be wrong, but those are just my thoughts. I mean… I’m still working on these matchups myself. I tend to run out of ideas quickly and it just ends up being a game where I just have to wait for them to make a mistake because I don’t know what else to do.

I also forgot one other thing. There is one gimmick that sometimes works for me against a turtle who just stays cornered (like Guile). If I know they won’t budge, I’ll try to get mid screen, throw an ultra, and short slide towards them. I try to short slide so I end up a bit ahead of the ultra. I’ll keep short sliding until I end up right in front of them, bait them into hitting me (maybe overhead them or do nothing at all), and then back dash. Some players are tempted to stick something out and end up punching/kicking the ultra after my backdash. If they don’t do anything then I atleast get the chip damage. I forgot who did that, but I think it was momochi or iyo.

There’s a concept called aggressive turtling. You’re not being offensive, you’re being intelligently manipulative. Dhalsim has a half screen high / low mixup with crouching strong and jump back + fierce. If you can get half screen then you can do either and they’re too fast for the opponent to react to. They have to basically guess to block high or low. You can take their life down slowly until you get the life lead using this technique. If they opponent refuses to allow you within the range of half screen and they continue to hold back then simply move forward 2 inches or so at a time. The goal is to allow the screen to scroll and allow the opponent to back themselves into the corner. You don’t want to just FOLLOW them into the corner by holding forward. You want to move forward an inch or 2 at a time then block again. Then once you see that they’re not doing anything to attack you do it again. You do this for 2 reasons. 1. to make it seem more like you’re doing that forward / backward dance that street fighter players are so used to instead of just walking them into the corner. 2. to increase the probability that if something quick happens you’ll be able to react and successfully block it.

Using this method you can put a turtling character into the corner. At this point you can put them into high / low mixups or pressure them into doing something risky.

Thanks, you post some great advice.

@Shawn: Thx nvr really used that strategy gonna try it and practice it.