Turtles in Time Reshelled


This game finally came out on the PSN, and I accidently bought it because I forgot that my billing information was saved on my account! I was going to buy it tomorrow anyway, but whatever.

If anyone wants to play, just hit me up on here and online. My PSN name is the same as my SRK name.


how much is it? i’ll definitely buy it when i get home from work.


they say this “reshelled” hd version is not that good, a complete FAILURE!


a not complete failure, but the original wasnt that great, so dont expect the TMNT: Arcade Game because its not. :confused:


TMNT: Turtles In Time on SNES was awesome. TMNT : Arcade Game is a different game, but both were good.

I did get Reshelled, and it’s okay. I wouldn’t call it a failure, but I do wish it was Konami who put it out instead of Ubisoft.


TiT (heh) was an awesome beat 'em up but I would much rather have a Simpsons arcade port with, of course, four players online.


^ +1 on The Simpsons. That game owned my spare change when I was little, perhaps more than SF.


agreed! a port of the simpsons arcade game would be sweet.


the music is god damned awful in this game…the tmnt in time was way more tits than this remixed crap

and yes I bought it


Disagree, the original SNES TMNT Turtle in Time was a great beat’em up game.

i’ve downloaded the Reshelled demo and i didn’t like it, it’s too slow, kind of boring too.


All they really need to do is give TiT the level of animation and polish the Arcade had. Then it would be perfect. I don’t know why they felt they needed to redo the graphic style with the new crap, it looks awful.

It would be bad ass if they redid Simpsons Arcade with vector graphics, it would be the perfect game for it.


To the people saying they need a Simpsons remake… I think that is a good idea on the surface, but it would never work. Have any of you beat the game? I have, and it takes only about 30 minutes to beat the game. I can’t imagine how quick it would be to beat it with 4 players.


Not if they charge $10 for it. Thats a decent price, and its a game you can play at least 4 times to experience it differently. 4 player mode could also increase enemy counts or damage/health ratios to make it less of a breeze to play with 4 people. Also, total party game if you have friends over and not playing it online.

People can beat SF in 30 mins or less, yet we still all bought the game multiple times on various consoles and remakes. Why are we all playing HDR online these days? Its fun! Who cares if you can beat the game, going through a romp with a group of friends, or having matches or whatever is just fun.


I couldn’t have said it better myself dude. Reshelled has beaten out Rock Band as the post show booze’ing game around my digs. I would have loved a “Classic Mode” option for the game but hell, it’s only ten bucks, you really can’t go wrong. A Simpsons and X-Men port would be stellar too, Konami was king for the late 80’s and early 90’s beat 'em up.


with that said, they need a tmnt 3: the manhattan project remake as well…preferably without the reshelled graphics.

anyway, i’m down for a run through of tit reshelled anytime after 5:15. i’m doing a “session” today with kombo…and we need like two other ppl.

my psn name is debs_eek. lemme know if you wanna play.