Turtling guile douche bag

I got a problem with a turtling guile in street fighter anniversary edition. I made a post earlier about blanka, same idea here. the guy just waits for me to do something while staying crouched at the other side of the screen. He throws sonic booms and if i get too close i get flash kicked!!! Man i suck! What can i do to kick his ass!>?!!!?/ ARHHGFHGhgihsihiejw

What character are you using, and which version of Guile are you facing?

use Dhalsim to get reach… or Ryu or O.Sagat and spam FB’s back at him (at a faster pace).

yeah ive been using dhalsim cus i heard back in the day ssf2t matches always came down to dhalsim and guile. I thought maybe dhal’s drill would out prioritize guile’s flash kick but i was wrong i geuss. i need more practice in sf2 in general, im so used to parrying that shit in 3, any moves that out prioritize the flash kick would be appreciated.

btw im facing super turbo guile, i used to have the same prob with remmy in sf3 but since the asshole only used those 2 moves i was able to parry his ass but im a noob in ssf2 so i have no idea what to do, i thought spamming fbs was a good idea to but i swear to god guile throws them jus as fast as ryu.

Crouching fierce or slide his booms. Or throw a fireball and st.fierce when he booms.

Outprioritize the flash kick? :rolleyes: Don’t bother trying. Instead try to bait the flash kick.

For Dhalsim vs. Guile there are two main ways to fight it. Either try to back him into the corner, or be a better keep out player than him. If you choose the more aggressive stance, you want to float outside of Guile’s low forward kick range, but within’ Sim’s roundhouse slide range. This way if you see a sonic boom, you can slide under and there isn’t anything Guile can do except hope you were slow enough that he had enough time to block. You can jump up and drill over sonic booms, just make sure you are well spaced so you clear the sonic boom and don’t get yourself thrown after the drill. If he doesn’t do anything, poke at him with your limbs and the occasional fireball. Be careful of two things: the flash kick and the fact he might jump. So don’t get overagreesive with the limbs and try to bait a few flash kicks. If he jumps, close range forward kick anti-airs everything Guile has except one of air jab and/or strong. Your back+jab will beat that punch though.

If you go defensive, just stay far away, throw fireballs, and jump straight up and use roundhouse drill to clear sonic booms if you don’t have enough time to initially win a fireball war. Make him jump and anti-air him as stated above.

If all else fails you can always learn Vega vs. Guile :stuck_out_tongue: Low strong, slide, anti-air flip kick, WIN!

BTW, if your friend turtles, he might find CE/HF Guile to be more to his tastes. Those two Guiles have strong tools for kick away.

try using ryu’s fireball trap. i mean i don’t think guile can even keep up with ryu in a sb vs fireball war.