Turtling Sagat - Legit Strategy?



I’m just a beginner. But didn’t see any threads on best ways to turtle with Sagat. Is it a good strategy with him? Or should you always be offensive? I like turtling a lot. Besides getting the other person pissed off, it works with my playstyle.

I still really suck. I lose about 80% of my matches online, so was wondering if people can give me some good turtling strategies. I’m still at the beginner stage, so just some basic strategies.

I usually like to throw a bunch of fireballs and use the RK as my anti-air. Hit the MK if they walk too close. Also, sometimes I will randomly jump in with the mp if they catch on or just to mix it up a bit. But that’s not too often as I like to just sit back and turtle.

So any other Sagat players who love to turtle and can give me some tips?


it is one of the main ways sagat is played.

use tiger uppercut to antiair it works better.

also dont play online you live in virginia i KNOW there are people there that play.
http://www.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=19 check in the virginia threads here.

they will be able to help you get better much much much faster than online.


Turtling Sagat can be impossible to beat, so yes it is an effective stragety. But its much more fun to rush down with him. To hell with tiger shoots, use the Knee!


Go on youtube, and watch RF’s Sagat for tips. God of turtling with Sagat.