First I will say please dont let the title offend anyone. Im not saying these are scrub tactics or that I’m good. Just that when I play on ranked I see a lot of this (so it evidently must work). Im going to discuss them separately

  1. Turtling (talking about with either projectile characters or characters with full/near full screen attacks)
    This is the big one as I can somewhat deal with laming. Turtling is another thing. Its not where the other player is litterally down backing and doing nothing else. For the most part I play ryus on ranked and so they can down back, yet still reach me with plasma if I try to back up for oil. So usually I end up dry with some one that has their finger on hp just in case i try to jump. They can dp if i really telegraph a jump or jump c.hp if im deceptive enough… still with plenty of time to do it and a healthy active time on that move so timing isnt an issue. Oiled I can do some dancing, whiff or dash into spd without having to be in their face to do it. Without oil im like… duhhh. I still jump in despite them being cocked and loaded. I try to attack from the front but no normal cancel on my dashes, a slow walk and a spd range worse than my regular grab makes me an easy target.

I have ppl put me in the corner and do the same thing. If im in the corner Im almost gauranteed to not have oil (usually ppl arent dumb enough or good enough to do that if im oiled) and then just down back… wait for me to make a mistake or if i just sit there suddenly jump in and laugh as a whiff a f.lp and they get some combo practice on me. Oil for blood is risky this close… I might only eat a round house… but remember they are sorta close… like oiled spd range. even an lk oil attempt is long enough for a jump in combo or a ground combo.

My question is… what do I do. spd… no range. no fadnc. cant jump. normals dont do chip.

I have a lot more holes in my game… but this is just a glaring one remembering I only play ranked and endless… no tournaments. I like the 10 seconds of oil in 2012 but I still run out… remember they only start turtling because they know dry my spd has no range. Im looking for some constructive help (although I suppose if someone wants to tell me i suck then fine but its not news)

Well, How long have you been playing Hakan? And who did you main first before Hakan? The reason why I ask is that once your out of oil you have to rely a lot on he’s normels, which are incredible. And I feel that you should learn how to play Hakan dry frist before you master him oiled. I think a lot of us who main him for a number of years have been forced to learn DRYKan. That was the hard way.But it’s essentual for every Hakan player to learn to play him Dry. I say if your new to him and my advice is to play him dry first and work from there. I know this is not really giving you a move to deal with pressure, but I think thats the salution. Hakan is not known to be easy to use. Yuo will need to learn him well in order play him decently.

Now I can just name a few things to give you a starting point. Hakan has a pretty good Jab now. Use it. Plus comboing into slide can give you lp oil. ( lp,lp,fr lk, oil slide) MIx that in with he’s air grab and close ex grabs. Plus Hakan now has an incredible lk Oil Dive. You can use this to punish, and then oil. Now I feel Hakan is like playing a good chess game. You have to pretty much know what your oponant is going to try next and beat him before he gets to do it. Now you can say that about everybody in this game, but Hakan more so then others ( I think )
Try not doing the same thing all the time. Hakan 2012 has so many options, it’s up to you to use these options. :slight_smile:

I would also throw the following out there: I’m no Hakan expert, but I have dabbled…EX Oil is projectile invincible and you can cancel it into Guard Position ( :d:+:3p:) if your opponent walks up after a projectile. EX Oil Slide is also completely projectile invincible, but has crummy range if you’re dry.

I know that these options involve meter, but if your opponent is turtling, you can whiff SPDs for meter. If your opponent is constantly fireballing you, just jump over the fireballs np. Also, I assume that you already knew these things and are going to respond saying, “Yeah, duh, I knew that.”

OK… Well say I was using rufus. I would get into footsies moving back and forth and setting spacing with normals. I actually used Hakan in super for a while but started playing him a bit more in AE. I actually dont mind running out of oil when I have momentum… I prefer some oki over oil. But if they get out of it or I never really establish it, then I feel stuck. His slow walk makes true footsies rough. I use his slp more when Im getting attacked. I gotta remember his s.hp for spacing.

I think i got spoiled with the oil now. Thanks for the tips. Its hard to find videos on youtube of the type of things I face on ranked. Either its 2 people my level and the person making the least mistakes winning, or like Wildcat815 and some Japanese pro that don’t do anything people I see on ranked do. Maybe I can find a balrog vs wildcat fight that might be close enough.