[Tut] How to get into Ranked Matches easily

After moving into my apartment not to long ago, I realized by internet is complete shit. I even have a closed nat, so it’s normally hard for me to get into matches. I noticed a trick when searching for matches that makes connecting to an opponent a lot faster.

Whenever you search for a match, wait 5-6 seconds and see if your nat is displayed in the lower left corner of your screen. If it is, you should be paired up with somebody shortly and if it’s not displayed, then you should quit the search and try again. You should repeat this until you see your nat displayed on the lower left corner of your screen. Sometimes it will appear and disappear as well, be sure to search again if it disappears.

Using this method speeds up the process of finding matches a lot quicker, I’d say it takes me about 2 mins to play another match on average (because of re-searching if nat is not displayed, it only takes seconds to be paired up with someone after nat is displayed). Most of you guys will have open nats and better internet than me so, you should get in a lot quicker.

Good Luck.**

Sounds promising. Ill be sure to try this out asap! Thanks man.

Thanks, this helped a lot.

I’ll have to try this!

Another great way to get into ranked matches easily would be Capcom fixing the damn matchmaking… :frowning:

thanks anyway man

This definitely seems to work, although you might want to wait about 10 seconds before restarting a search.

Also, if you see the NAT symbol appear then quickly disappear, you should probably restart.