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The Tut

How to progress

How to Dud

The only level 3 Dudleys on the board currently are Mellow and I.
Any other posts trying to explain the tut are misleading and/or wrong.

Dudley Q&A: Let's learn... like Gentlemen!
Ye Olde English Pub: The Dudley Social
Making a tutorial video for every single character in USF4. Asking for char knowledge contributions
Ye Olde English Pub: The Dudley Social
What to do when you get a knockdown
Ye Olde English Pub: The Dudley Social

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Dudley Q&A: Let's learn... like Gentlemen!

Use some classical music totally non-related to SF, something Dudley would listen to whilst relaxing in his garden drinking tea. I’m from England as well so please don’t disappoint.

Please cover safe-jumps as well. I’m only using one (f.Throw > mk.Duck > f.Jump > j.RH) because I’ve fucking searched everywhere and that’s the only one I can find.


Challenges sound dope. Can’t wait


good shit, more tuts the better, also the best song for the vid.


song isn’t classy for dudley


Rocky music does sound good but I think I’ll just take DataDave’s Advice and use some easy listening music.
Preferably jazz

Not what I want but just a good idea…


Feels like I’m missing something in the vid…
pokes… blockstrings…OS… ultra combos…fireballs and duck… Safe Jumps from all knockdowns…

This is my last post in this thread before I release tut.

Think of something I should include in the tut that wasnt in the last one.


Special thanks to thirtyfour for helping me out with my Dudley today. Thanks a million.


how about fun uses for the rose, i like to throw it at people that are on the other side of the screen then use my ex machine gun punch, it works a lot.

this little funny section of the tut could make ur tut stand out.


Be the only Dudley willing to make a tutorial
Try to stand out out of the many Dudley tutorials

No more suggestions please.
I’ll bump when I upload vids sometime next two weeks.


I’m all for the easy jazz.



im a little confused here… ive seen a lot of dudley tuts… there not the best but there still tuts.


i’ve … never heard of other ssf4 dud tuts, (not counting Mellow’s EX Duck upper vid) talkin about full dud tuts.

Nujabes? Please.
You already know


quick and dirty baby.

not a full tut, but i was talkin in general anyways.

i think i saw another full tut somewhere else.

i actually didn’t notice that the other main tuts are urs, but theres still other tuts.


I cant wait for this to come out because I’m beyond assy. I’m to the point I dont even know what the hell im doing anymore. On top of that I just got AE on 360 a few days ago and using the dpad on the 360 controller is just pointless because it does what it wants when it wants.


I use D-Pad on the 360 controller
I am offend.

This Tut is hell. But the material is sooooooooo good and informing.
My word. If someone cant understand Dudley after this.
I’m giving up.

lol I’m not including Thunderbolt in any of the 3 videos


Sounds good man, I dont want to drop dudley but damn this nig is hard to play with a lot of the times. Me being terrible doesnt help either. Btw are you using the regular dpad or the newer transforming one?


everything default
pad, controls.
not Default Dudley color.


me to, im getting sick of gettin beat by scrubs.