Tutor for upcoming Rufus player's



I’m not that bad of a rufus player however I’m willing to help out upcoming Rufus players I was a B rank in AE 2012 (6500)bp soo if any of you guys are willing to learn Rufus or discuss strategies or anything else of that nature add me on xbl & be sure to tell me where you’ve gotten my tag from xbl gt is OG Swiizy


And if anyone needs help learning Rufus on psn I got ya! Been playing him since vanilla and I have learned a lot over the years. number 3 in the world with Rufus on psn. Texasfry86


Are you still offering Rufus lessons?


Yeah I know a few people have talked to me about some Rufus help, the only thing that kinda seems to be a roadblock is not having a headset to go over things with them. I am a terrible typer so my advice would take a whole lot longer. I am going to invest in a headset soon though. But if there is any specific questions I would love to help.


What footies should I be using? What bnbs and hit confirm should I be using? Take your time with the headset.


I can play a lot of characters like, ryu,ken,akuma,Sakura,blanka,balrog,yun,yang, and sagat at decent levels but I’ve always been interested in Rufus since vanilla. I think that my lack of ability to land divekick lk lk hp tornado prevents me from wanting to try him out. I plink and double tap all the time but I still can’t seem to get is basic bnb down. Any advice are wisdom on how you guys overcame this? I have to assume it wasn’t easy to be consistent.


if you cant hit it plink it



To help with hitting his bnb first getting good at linking standing lk because once you have that part down it all becomes easier to time as
Far as his main bnb goes. plinking is
Essential so try to drill plinking your hp into your brain as being the main button if any that has to be learned to plink. Once you have the plink down go for standing lk and try to look at a portion his animation that you can focus your timing on to build muscle memory on when to plink. Once you find it do drills each day until it becomes easier. Also when landing a successful dive kick to help with the hit confirm do two lk instead of one then go into bnb. This will help identify when you have landed one. As far as “footsies” go I feel that
term is a very very deep thing that sometimes gets confused with certain normal moves. Example would be of course cr hk which could be used to punish whiffs or to check their feet. But that kinda only represents a small portion of footsies to me with Rufus. His dive kick is his tool to create all sorts mind games and probing reaction from your opponent, sometimes just doing little dives from a safe distance will get your opponent all impatient and cause them to jump right into a snake strike, or cause them over analyze a anti-air and whiff completly. It’s a great tool I hope some of this helps you guys I never really a chance to talk Rufus sorry If I’m rambling lol.


Yo Texasfry, please check your inbox.


I’m still playing Rufus but I changed my name to OG Swiizy still looking to help people out either learning him or how to learn how to fight him and just whip some ass with his DIVE KICKS!!


do you still play rufus in usf4? i mean i know his buttons and what to do with him just haven’t played the game in quite sometime


This thread should really get more active now that Ultra is out. I know I could definitely use beginner pointers as I’ve only been playing him seriously for like 2 weeks, haha.


i am on 360 but if you have twitter or something i might be able to help you out my twitter is OG_Swiizy


It really surprised me at how little up to date info there is on the fat man, i think glitch is making a “Rindokan Bible” and I don’t see any reason we shouldn’t try and make one ourselves if not at least a basic set-up guide and such.

Something like this would be really great considering myself like him or would like to try him out but it’s hard with little documentation out there.


this is a good tutorial i mean you can go over basic rufus stuff like combos some set-up’s & maybe tips on fighting gief & sagat


the footies you should be using or buttons is s.mk s.mp cr.hp (alot of recovery on it but it’s great for pre-fireballs if you will) his sweep is also great from max range


I found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id5Y6Ia28iA but its not in english, anyone know someone that could translate it?