Tutorial: Detachable Hrap-EX/360 fightsticks, cheap remedy broken cord

Note:Picture taken before doing final paint
Just recently purchased Hrap-Ex T6 from the trader with a broken/cut and someone shoddily only taped the wires no solder or wire connectors were used. so I decided something had to be done. Just soldering the wires back together would not cut it. The stick was also missing The little rubber boot that always cracks and rips

I also get aggravated with a cord hanging off my stick So I decided to design a way to fix and have detachable cord for cheap.

supplies I used
1/2 diameter 3/4L cut-off riser $0.70 HomeDepot pluming section (any 1/2 diameter tube is usable)

Mad Catz Xbox 360 USB Extension Breakaway Cable GS used 7ft $4 also seen 6ft and 10ft Ebay link below (not USB Extension cable)Xbox 360 breakaway extension items - Get great deals on Video Games, Controller Extension items on eBay.com!
electrical tape
JB Weld Plastic putty around $5 or something similar a plastic nut is also possible

Soldering iron and solder or wire connectors
Drill recommended
Utility knife
The first step was to remove the top panel and detach all buttons stick and detach usb cable form the Pcb no need to cut anything it is detachable from board with small white connector.

Then flip the case over and remove bottom plate. I then took a utility knife and removed the little nub of plastic that extends off the outside case to make it smooth before drilling the hole for the cord. My next step was to drill a 1/2 hole and you want to start hole slightly above the hole that’s already there for the cord to make sure to have a nicely cut hole that is not too far down and not too high so you don’t have to use too much filler putty I used very little on the outside of the case that actually shows. I went a step bit but any general use 1/2 bit should be fine.
My next step was to prep the cord first you take the Hrap cord The part that attaches to the Pcb The part with the male end of the breakaway cable goes inside the tube but first I took and wrap electrical tape around it so you get a nice tight fit into the tube and make sure you center it mine is off a tad to one side you should test the connection to the breakaway extension cord to determine depth of the plastic nub is inserted about half way in the tube.

( 1/2 tube is used because the cord that attaches to pcb has a male end and instead of having a metal nub stick sticking outside of the case when the cable is detached it lets you have the connector seated internally helps the connection to look cleaner and gives it a stronger connection with nothing sticking out to get bent or broken)

Note:Picture taken before doing final paint
The next thing you want to do is detach the breakaway extension and insert the tube with the wire attached (also double check to make sure used enough electrical tape so that the male end is tight) The tube I used actually screwed unto the case for a nice fit before I even used and putty It may also be possible to use a plastic nut and screw it to the inside of the case. The use of putty is more permanent but its what I had I also used a utility knife and cut away some the internal plastic of the underside of the case near where the cord exits the case to give room for the putty for a nice seal

( the fat black thing next to left of the cord exit is a tube magnet I had and taped on its not needed)
Once the putty dries you then need to shorten the remainder of the Hrap cord but make sure descent length on both sections so you can reconnect the wires easily. You don’t want to cut it too close to either of the connectors because it make it a pain to reconnect the wires. I ended of cutting the cord down to somewhere around a foot and a half I then soldered the shorter wires and used some shrink tube to give it a nice clean look
This mod ended up turning out great. I love having the detachable cord and the connection is super strong. If I had known that it would have turned out this well I would have did the tutorial while I was doing the mod instead of afterward. I’m sure this method could be done with other fight sticks with great success as well.

Interesting guide, I got to remember this next time one of my friends break their controllers.

Thanks Darksakul for the comments. This my first Tutorial/Guide I have been meaning to make a guide for something. I just don’t want to rehash on something someone else has done. I know its pretty rough guide but any input is very appreciated. I know its nothing major but I really like how it turned out and I figured I would share even if you don’t need/want to do a mod like this it still could spark an idea to get you imagination going for something else.

Your guide is fine, just make sure to leave a blank space between your paragraphs, so your guide is easier to follow.
I do not see this as a issue with you, but always read what written to your self out loud, if something sounds wrong or off, that is your clue to edit your guide. It is fine to cover something another guide had covered partly, just refer back to the the older thread by name or better yet with a link. And example would be Such as modding a brand joystick that is uncommon, add referral links to sites/pages you could have used. It adds a layer of depth and credibility to your own guides.

this is pretty cool, i actually have a buddy whose wire is pretty messed up so ill pass this on to him. Nice job