Tutorial: DIY Trip Cord with RJ45s

Using this guide RJ-45 MULTI CONSOLE CTHULHU ARCADE STICK TUTORIAL VER.2 I was able to create an RJ45 to USB male cable to connect my new custom arcade stick. It uses the neutrik rj45 passthrough. I thought to myself “This is great, but how can I make it safe?”

Introducing the DIY trip cord\extension!!!. Using the same technology, you can make a USB to RJ45 FEMALE cable to which you can connect a standard RJ45 cable of any length you chose. Great right!? I know, hold you applause.

Following the pinout from the above thread, I punched down the 4 wires from a spare USB cable to their respective slots. You can use this picture as a guide.


From there you take any RJ45 cable and break off the clip tab on the end you want to be the ‘trip’ side. This keeps it from locking in the female end. This isn’t as strong of a connection as the XBOX 360’s trip cords, so to add more tension you can put a few small pieces of scotch tape on. I used 3, testing after each strip I applied for the desired amount of tension. The end stays in firmly but also rips out freely under enough force. Apply them to the 3 flat sides [2 short sides and side the lock tab was removed from]. The side with the gold contacts should be tape free.


Now trim the excess tape.


This can also come in pretty handy if have the parts and ethernet cable laying around like I do and don’t want to spring for a super long usb cable.

Tested with a 50 foot ethernet cable. It works. would you ever sit 50 feet away from your tv? probably not, but if you wanted to run a usb connection through your basement and into an adjacent wall to your couch, this might be an option.

I’d strongly recommend against this – above 30’ USB gets finnicky at best. Really, depending on the cables, you can start having trouble at as short as 15’. For a HID, 30’ with decent quality cables generally works out, but I don’t like pressing my luck with my controllers – noise can cause intermittent dropouts and other problems. I’d recommend grabbing an “active cable” like this one for longer distances.

You could also do this

.85 cents from monoprice. 1.5ft. extension

Solves the problem decently. I have a 13 foot cord so it puts it right under 15 Ft.

I agree and I am aware of signal degradation over long distances with usb. I figured it would be worth noting since I did test it without issue. I’m sure if there was issue with this it would become apparent immediately. I like to tinker and hack useful stuff together with stuff I have left over from other projects, so this seemed like a decent test. I wouldn’t use a repeater with a game pad though. I’d be worried it would introduce lag. What do you think?

You don’t need to worry about introducing latency via a powered extension – the way they work, they’re basically just “boosting” the signal level, instead of taking in and repeating signals – kind of like a hub (in fact, many hubs have the same effect on the data signals).

You’re probably right that problems would probably crop up pretty soon after you start using a set-up; I’m just OCD 'bout my signal integrity. If it’s not giving you trouble, by all means! :smiley: