Tutorial for changing usb cable?


my se cable got messed up, any tutorials in replacing the usb cable? anything would help (where to buy what to do) I’m good at fixing stuff and can soder… just need some help thanks.


you mean you want to desolder or cut the cable that is on the pcb and just put another one (that works) on the pcb as a replacement?


Yes, I need to know where to buy a replacement ps3 usb cable, and I’m guessing I have to solder it back?


PS3 USB cables are the same as any other USB cable. You could take a cable from a keyboard and it would be the same. USB cables are color-coded. I have faith that you can figure it out yourself.

(You can ignore “shielded ground” if there is one.)


Black (Ground) Red (VCC) Green and White (Data +/-).
Any USB cable will do, cut it, strip the wires, and solder them to where the old cable was.


You just buy any USB cable with at least one USB A end.
That is all.

You know how to solder already.
So all that is done for you.


Is there any difference between the PS3 and XBOX cable?


The Xbox 360 USB cables has that break-away connector near the USB end of the cable, it has no impact over performance of the cable. It just extra.