tutorial help

I didn’t know if i should put this in general or cerebella, but anyway
In the tutorial where you have to perform a Off-the-ground combo as cerebella, I cannot get this combo to connect. Its a: c.HP, j. LP, j. HK, c.LK, s. MK, -> HP. I can get this combo until the MK. See, you hit the ground then do the c.LK which sweeps filia to the ground. Then filia is on the ground, and the MK won’t hit her. If i wait for her to be up, then it doesn’t count it as part of the combo. I’ve tried hitting it early, late, everything. I can’t get it. is there something im missing?

Try delaying the j.LP j.HK and do c.LK when she kinda bounces off the ground. Hopefully that helps.

If you do j.lp twice or thrice, does that work/still count? You can try that into j.hk and see if it helps

If you add anything to the combo it immediately calls it off. Cause i can get the combo to work if i put a c. MK before the standing one, but it won’t allow that.

it starts around 27m. I wonder if it’ll help.

I dont get how the guy goes from using flat out wrong moves then gets the whole combo a second later. haha.
I did it once. but the game didn’t read it as a combo or whatever, so even though filia bounced off the ground and i hit her with mk, it didn’t count. -_-
i guess ill just have to keep doing it.
thanks for the help all.

okay, this is starting to piss me off. I’ve done it at least 4 times now. But as soon as i do that j. HK, it drops the combo, even though im pressing the button immediately and its hitting filia, letting me finish the combo. But if i let it delay for a second, the combo system will say the combo is still good, but then ill still have that problem where she is on the ground and cant hit the MK. graaah.
EDIT: and of course, I do eventually get it, and then the combo drops on the titan knuckle, even though i definitely did it as soon as possible and it hit filia and everything.
…and now i can very consistently hit the combo and it will not accept the titan knuckle. again, try doing it early, late, right on time, always drops on the titan knuckle. (sorry for multiple edits, im raging pretty hard right now).

I’ll be home from work in a few hours. I’ll try and make a video to explain it then if it’s still giving trouble.

Generally all the combos in the tutorial should come out at a brisk, but not overly fast pace. There should be a bit of a rhythm to it.
If you feel you really have to push the input speed then you’re probably doing it too fast.

I finally got it.
Apparently i wasn’t doing it fast enough. O_o
cause at first i would do the knockup, quickly press the two jump attacks, then as i landed hit the last three as they hit. worked on screen, but not technically a combo.
i tried pressing the last three hits as fast as i could, before i could even see if they connected and it finally went through. thanks for all the help, guys. :slight_smile:

So, uh… you planning on using Cerebella?

No. I think that’s what pissed me off the most during this endeavor. I just wanted to get through the tutorial to A. learn the basics and B. get my trophy for it.
Just so happened that it makes you play as cerebella. xP

plus the stage