Tutorial: How to Extract Musical Samples From CPS2 and CPS3 Games


For those of you who might want to grab the instruments from your favorite fighter, or need the voices to make your MUGEN character, this is your answer.

Tools needed:

ByteSwap - A tool for Nintendo 64 emulation, but useful elsewhere as well.

Any wave editor that supports opening of raw files (I use ModPlug Tracker, but any other program that allows this is fine).

CPS2 or CPS3 ROMset. I can’t tell you where to get these, but there are ways.

The process:

  1. Open your zip file. Extract the ROM(s) containing the samples.
    (for CPS2, this is always the .11 and .12 ROMs)
    (for CPS3, you’re looking for the 30 file)

  2. Run ByteSwap, then open your ROM. Generally, the .11 will contain all the music samples, and any voice files that will fit. The .12 will contain the rest of the character voices. If you have one designed for N64 games, it might tell you that it’s not a N64 ROM, but that you can still swap the file. Do so, and save it.

  3. Open your wave editor, and your swapped ROM. It should ask you for the format the data is in. Supply these settings:
    CPS2: 8-bit, Signed, Mono
    CPS3: 16-bit, Signed, Mono

  4. If all goes well, you should be able to see (and hear when played back) that it plays just fine. Some samples, especially voices, won’t always sound right at the current frequency, but you can adjust that easily, especially with MPT. Cut your desired samples from the collection, and tune and loop as desired.

  • CPS2 note: You’ll hear some static between samples at points. This is some kind of extra data the CPS2 uses, and should be trimmed from your samples.

When you have all the samples you’re seeking, you can use them as you like. This shows how I like to use them.


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