TUTORIAL: How to fit an LS-33 inside a standard arcade stick

The LS-33 is one of the most compact sticks out in the market. However, its short shaft makes it incompatible when mounting on the Madcatz TE, SE, HRAP and etc. The LS-33 has almost the same shaft height as the LS-32 but because there is no “S” shaped mounting bracket, you can’t mount it without modifying some parts. This guide will help you get that LS-33 working on your HRAP and Madcatz SE/TE.

What you’ll need:

-LS-33 Stick (duh)
-LS-56 Shaft
-LS-56 Shaft cover
-LS-56 Dustcover OR JLF-CD dustcover (no need for the shaft)
-phillips screwdriver
-slotted screwdriver
-pair of pliers

  1. Start off by inserting the slotted screw driver on the bottom of the ls-33 shaft. Then twist off the ball top.


  1. Using that slotted screw driver, gently pry off the E-clip. Don’t lose it!


  1. Take the ls-33 shaft off the base and familiarize yourself with the parts. Isolate the LS-33 shaft, LS-33 shaft cover and LS-33 dust cover. Put those 3 parts away, you won’t be needing them anymore.


  1. Take your ls-56 shaft and put on the shaft over. The skinnier part goes in first. The shaft cover is important because without it, the shaft will grind the metal washer.


  1. The fat part fit securely at when inserted all the way.


  1. Insert the new ls-56 shaft in the ls-33 base. Make sure the metal washer is not out of place.


  1. Insert the new LS-56 or JLF CD shaft cover or even one of arthongs custom dust cover. The LS-33 shaft cover is too small to fit on the new shaft.


  1. Put the E-clip back into place with a pair of pliers.


  1. Mount your newly modified ls-33 into your stick of choice, then insert back the ball top.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully modified your ls-33.


Most people will feel that the stock spring on the ls-33 is too loose. Heres a [media=youtube]sC42Z1Q9N5c"[/media] on how to change the spring. However, do NOT use the ls-56 spring as said in the video as it causes some grinding problems or so I’ve heard. Use an ls-55 spring instead.

Hmmmm, Good tutorial!

Hey does the opposite work? I like the LS-56, but would want the shorter shaft of the LS-33 to mod my Fighting Stick Wii.

hmm, lemme give that a try and i’ll let you know tomorrow

yes, the opposite works.

Awesome thanks!

Interesting. I personally like the feel of LS-33s after you mod the spring. So being able to mount it in regular sticks with JLF mounting brackets without much modification is nice. Though I wonder how the added shaft height affects the feel.

Call it the ls-45 :smokin:

The middle difference between 55(spring) and 33(base) is 44, +1 for the 56(shaft). Somewhat like how Ikagi did the ls-36.

…not to mention it sounds more like a gun than a stick!

Why not just get an LS-55 & a LS-33 spring?

heh, cool name, but i’m not a big fan of changing the name.

i dont think its that big of a mod. in fact, you might not even need to change the shaft depending on how you mount the ls-33. i’m sure the stock ls-33 shaft will fit perfectly in an agetec stick and alike.

as for the spring change, its just a spring change. the spring of ls-55 magically makes most sticks better. slap it on an ultra loose jlf, and it becomes much better, or so i heard. ironically, the stock ls-55 is pretty ass.

few reasons.

  1. the ls-55 feels nothing like an ls-33. the throw is much bigger than the ls-33 and much stiffer. i was thinking that there will be no difference between a modified ls-33 and a stock ls-55. i thought that the base of the ls-33 is only slightly different than the ls-55. boy was i wrong. the base of the ls-33 feels completely different than the ls-55.

  2. ls-55 are hard to come by in north america. the only place that carries them is akihabarshop.jp and they aren’t even based in north america.

in fact, i’ll try the ls-55 with an ls-33 spring and let you know how it goes