Tutorial: How to make a QCFGaming Case


Hey everybody,

I want to thank everybody for their support and here’s something else to add :slight_smile:

Before I end my stick building segment, I just wanted to make a tutorial on how to make a QCF case, or rather the case that I make. This will be a brief tutorial since the stick is pretty basic.

I will be showing you how to make a Sanwa 8 button plexiglass / lexan case.

Well first off, the supplies.

The MDF is part of a big board, you will need a table saw to cut the pieces.

  1. 12 x 24 inch piece of Lexan (Can make 3 cases)
  2. 2 - 2 1/8" x 13.5" x 3/4" MDF
  3. 2 - 2 1/8" x 7 7/8" x 3/4" MDF
  4. 1/4" MDF Board (will be cut later along with the Lexan)
  5. 2 12" Clamps
  6. 2 1" Hand clamps
  7. 8 Wood Screws
  8. 4 #8 bolts along with corresponding bolts
  9. Countersink bit
  10. 30mm Forstner Drill bit
  11. 24mm Forstner Drill bit
  12. Drill bits for wood screws and Bolts

Tools you might need:

  1. Table Saw
  2. Drill Press
  3. Router with router table

Ok, so first thing you want to do, is get a long piece of MDF and mark where you want your recessed holes for 24mm screw-in buttons. This is also the time to mark where you want a neutrik USB adapter hole if you need one.

Drill a pilot hole in the areas. I use a normal hand drill to do this.

With the pilot holes in place, attach the 30mm forstner drill bit to your drill press.

Drill where the pilot holes and stop when the drill bit starts curving in as shown by the red line. This will create the recess.

Next, drill in the new pilot hole using the 24mm forstner drill bit. Make sure there is a piece of scrap wood underneath!

After that, glue the 4 pieces of MDF together and clamp it.

Let it sit for at least 6 hours, preferably at least 24 hours in the clamped position.

While it’s doing that, it’s time to set up the inside. Measure the inner dimensions, and cut 2 pieces of 1/4" thick MDF as well as 1 piece of Lexan to fit inside.

Place them inside the frame.

Then using your table saw, you can cut your support pieces. DO NOT USE MDF FOR YOUR SUPPORT PIECES! You can use studs for walls and cut those up into smaller pieces. MDF will split when screwed in!

Okay, so to determine the length of a support piece, set up your table saw fencelike this for safety reasons.

Using the miter gauge and a scrap piece of wood, make cuts and move your fence accordingly until the scrap piece of wood is flush or a little bit beneath the top of the frame of the case with the 2 pieces of 1/4" MDF and the Lexan.

Now cut it using the wood you intended to use for the support posts and add glue.

Remove the 2 pieces of 1/4" MDF and Lexan and add back 1 piece of 1/4" MDF. Then add the support posts to each of the corners and then place 1 piece of 1/4" MDF and the Lexan on the top.

And there you have it, an almost finished case!





wow thats awesome that youre passing down your work. just hope the best to you and your departure in a few months satek



Is this the same size you used for that Chun Li thats posted in the other thread?


This is an awesome tutorial!!! Hopefully I can show this to my carpenter and have all the needed materials/equipment.

EDIT: Can I substitute the MDF frame with other wood? Any alternative to drilling holes on the sides besides a forstner bit? Seems like a forstner bit AND MDF are really hard to find in my area.


Woah, nice!
Can’t wait for my case to arrive from you.Might just inspire me to use your tutorial for any future ideas :smiley:

Also a suggestion of sorts. Maybe putting up artwork templates for this specific case? Since people will want to put it under the lexan at some point probably.


This is great


Please finish the guide, Satek!


What a great contribution to the community. I look forward to the rest of the guide. I hope to make this one day when I can get over to the right person’s house (i don’t have all that equipment =/).




Lol he never finish


hey, man, i’m looking forward to the rest of this guide as well!

I’m not building a case like yours, but I’m hoping to use some of these techniques to build a 2p stick.


Amazing! Keep em coming man!!


This is awesome ! I had some preliminary drawings but this is truly awesome ! :wow:

edit. Just saw the date. Guess the tutorial was never finished



Please Saitek finish this tutorial! :slight_smile:


There’s not really much else to do though, just drill in holes on the support blocks for the lexan and the bottom piece of mdf to attach to, sand it down, prime and paint. Make sure you spackle the joints before you prime and paint.