Tutorial: How to Make Ghetto Hole Plugs!

I was looking around for Hole Plugs to buy and since most places are backed up and the places that are available; it costs a lot of money for shipping. I came up with a solution! You can use old Hori buttons as Hole Plugs! It’ll sit higher than usual Hole Plugs but if you’re cheap like me and have old Hori buttons lying around, this works well.

Things you’ll need: Hori buttons, Flathead screw driver & Super Glue (optional)


1.) Grab an old Hori button and pop off the top plunger by sticking a flathead screwdriver into the two tabs and pushing up; to pop the inner plunger out. Then just take out the microswitch by pressing in the little tabs on the microswitch.


2.) Match the inner plunger’s tabs parallel to the outer shell’s tabs then push the plunger into the base. Doing this will keep the inner plunger from moving up and down. It will just be stuck in the depressed state.


3.) At this point, your Ghetto Hori Hole Plug will work effectively as a Hole Plug but you’ll notice that the button can be pushed up if the inner plunger’s tab on the bottom is pushed up. To make sure the button is always stuck in the depressed position, pull out some Super Glue. The next steps are optional.


4.) Now just press the inner plunger’s tab all the way until the inner plunger goes as far up as possible. It will stay up in place by itself. The inner plunger’s tab you have to push up is being pointed at by my screwdriver in the pic below.


5.) Now grab your Super Glue and glue AROUND the side’s of the inner plunger in it’s raised state. Then push the inner plunger all the way down into it’s fully depressed state. Wait 10 or 15 minutes for the Super Glue to dry then you’re finished! If you happen to get any Super Glue on the outside’s, you can remove the remnants by applying some Acetone to it. (Nail Polish Remover)

6.) Now you’re done!

Ghetto Hole Plugs For Powerful Game.


Good idea and simple :tup: