Tutorial How To remove shaft accessories


ok so just so everyone doesnt get confused i will lay down some guidelines. when i say bottom of the shaft it is the part where the flathead screwdriver goes. when i say the top that is where the handle goes. when i say top nut it is where the handle goes and when i say bottom nut it is where the screwdriver would go. finally when i say actual nut it is the nut on the bolt that does not move.

now here is an LS-32 with tokki shaft extender and LB-35 handle.



here is the shaft by itself with ext and thread adapter. the thread adapter is used for LB-30N pear handle or LB-35 giant ball



i have installed a pear handle here


now the thread adapter will be inside of the pear. how to get it out?


i use a 0.75 millimeter pitch and 10 millimeter bolt. first screw the 2 nuts on the actual bolt. then screw actual bolt halfway into the thread adapter there should be empty space in the thread adapter. now screw the top nut up like the picture and tighten it very hard.


secure the bottom nut on very hard. then with a wrench or pliers unscrew the actual bolt. its out!


here i have with shaft extender. just do the same thing to remove from the pear or giant ball.


now to remove the adapters from the shaft instead of the handle. i have a thread adapter on. put a nut near the bottom of the thread adapter. it will spin freely. now put one on the top.


tighten these 2 nuts together very snuggly. now use your wrench on the bottom nut and unscrew the thread adapter.


for the shaft adapter stuck on the shaft. use the same technique as above but with the the smaller nuts from earlier.



shouts. and materials

chad lizardlick.com pear & thread adapter
laugh etokki.com LS-32 shaft extender
ace hardware for nuts and bolts
and jdm714 for technical information


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