Tutorial: How to Work in Sanwa/Seimitsu Buttons

I like my buttons as evenly worked in as possible. The gripe I have over just installing new buttons and playing them right off the bat is that over time you will notice that the ‘springiness’ of some of the buttons will be more worked in than others due to the different amount of hits each button is getting. This causes me some problems when I have to simultaneously press 2 or more different buttons at a time. I like my buttons to feel ‘mushy’.

If you’re like me and would like your Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons to all be worked in evenly follow these simple steps.

Things you’ll need: Cable ties, Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons.


1.) Get a cable tie and place it in between the button’s two microswtiches. (I had to use two cable ties attached to each other to do this but if you have a long enough cable tie you only need to use one)

Note: In the picture below the cable tie is already tightened.


2.) Now depress the button all the way down and tighten the cable tie over the fully depressed button and over the button’s two tabs at the sides, with the cable tie still being kept in place in between the button’s microswitches.


3.) Now your cable tie will keep the button in its’ depressed state and will work in the the button’s spring. Wait a day or two or as long as you want. Once you remove the cable ties your buttons should be nice and worked in for that fresh n’ clean feel!

i’ll jus install them n put a shoe on my stick to keep em pressed. that seems like a lot of work to make them feel worked

ahh, i see you finally found a way to devirginize those buttons. :smiley:


My buttons are whores now. Loose as a goose :rofl:

While it’s an interesting suggestion, I’m with smirkis on this one… it seems a little too involved.

The one time I’ve ever needed to do this, I’ve just placed a small hardback book (The Art of War, to be exact :smiley: ) over the buttons and allow it to sit there overnight.

Is there a certain state of ‘devirginization’ where the buttons dont get any more worked in or will buttons that are used more often almost always end up more worked in (hope that made sense)?

I think I know what you mean. When buttons get worked in to the max, they feel the best IMO. They depress real nicely with almost no sound and most importantly all my buttons depress with the same amount of pressure.

I did this method with a set of brand new buttons and it worked them all to the max equally.

I suppose if you do this to old buttons, they would eventually all be worked in to the max and be even. But I haven’t tried with old buttons so I’m not really sure.

what do you mean?
the buttons are freaking sensitive as they are, you want to be more than that?

I like the buttons all worked in as much as possible equally because it takes the same amount of pressure to activate any button. Rather than different buttons having different feels. Plus yea, the extra ease of depression/activation is nice IMO.

Thanks for your reply. What I ment was, if I have 8 buttons but only really used 6 then the other 2 rarely used ones wont be as worked in. If I was to then work those 2 buttons in so they feel the same as the other 6 buttons wont it feel different again due to the 6 being used alot more? or is there a max worked in state where the button won’t be worked in anymore?


Perfect! thank you once again for the guide :slight_smile: