Tutorial: TE Quick Panel Swap Mod (RJ45's)


I decided with the new MK coming out that I’m going to do panel swaps for the different button layouts on my Madcatz TE-S . I used 2 RJ45 connectors with the male and female ends using B side. This mod requires no soldering. Here’s how I did it. This is my first tutorial so go easy on me.

Materials and tools:
cat5\5e\6 cable
2 rj45 male connectors
2 rj45 female connectors
16 .110 quick disconnects
wire strippers

First I cut some cat5e and cat6 cable and crimped\punched down the male and female ends. It doesn’t really matter which (cat5\5e\6) you use as long as the wiring is done correctly. Just do a Google search for cat5 wiring guide. The female ends usually have the guide printed on the side


Then I stripped the ends of the Female ended cables and crimped on the .110 quick disconnects. The bottom row I used stripes, top solid. I used Orange, green, blue, brown from left to right. The bottom row also has my ChImp wires coming out of it. The quick disconnects were kinda tight and difficult to push onto the tabs, so I used a small flathead screwdriver to open up the ends a bit.


Then I did the same for the button side using the male ends of my premade cables. I also labeled the bottom so you can see which button is which… sort of.


If you wire yours the same as me, you should have the following matched up:
A - Orange 1
B - Green 1
X - Blue 1
Y - Brown 1
RT - Brown 2
RB - Green 2
LT - Blue 2
LB - Orange 2

I didn’t wire in the last 2 because I don’t use them as you can see. I did however wire them in so I can use them in the future if need be. I took the rubber ends off the old cables and put them on the ends of the unused disconnects to make sure the unused ends don’t short inside the case.
[Note: If you want a cleaner look and are using a 6 button layout, you can daisy chain the grounds into 1 wire. this will allow you to use a single RJ45 for the 6 signals and 1 ground cable to the RJ45 with one empty slot. You will also need to change the female end accordingly. Any questions on this method just PM me.]

One last pick of the whole thing. Once you’re done just route the cables out of the way of your buttons and close her up! When you get your new panel, just wire in the buttons with male connectors and you’re ready for some swapping action!


Credit to blklighting and his DB15 mod which does the same thing with different parts. TY Judge for pointing it out.

Also Credit to Solid7x2. We chatted about the mod for a few days over waytoomanybeers in DC this weekend. Doing this particular mod was his idea I just got to it a few days earlier.

Project: LLC Metal Replacement Panels Round 9 Stainless Steel
Project: LLC Metal Replacement Panels Round 9 Stainless Steel

Nice little tut here.
Sounds like blklighting’s idea to make panels hot-swappable with db15 connectors, this sounds a boatload easier though.


Nice. I will be doing this as well. MK FTW



I’ve had this thought going through my head for almost a year, but could not figure out a quick ‘cheap’ option for QDing the stick & buttons.

Nice play :slight_smile: :grog: