Tutorial vid criticism, please

I’m slowly, slowly working toward building up a machine that can handle editing video again, so I figured before I get too wrapped up in my own machinations (har) I should ask you guys. What am I doing… wrong?

Likesay, I appreciate all of the kudos and all, believe you me I need it, but I would really like to know where you think I’m lacking as a video maker that I could improve upon in future releases. What do you want to see? What parts aren’t explaining as well as they could?

I know which characters I’m doing already, and don’t worry, I don’t plan on skipping any, so don’t worry about that bit. Just gimme some honest critique, and keep the “JOO SUX0RZ!” too a minimum, please. Haha, I do enough of that on my own.



It’s been a while since I saw your last tutorial vid but I think at the top it showed a joystick layout with the button and movements being shown as the combo/move was being done. I think you should keep with that as it helps a lot! I really can’t think of anything wrong with you vids, but then again it’s been a while.

The only thing you’re doing wrong is not making videos. Imo 3s Gen Ed Vol 1 is the best 3rd Strike turorial on the net, and I know I’m not the only one who is dieing for part two.

Edit: I think it has excelent editing. It’s very creative with a decent familiar setting, superb editing on the arcade machine and the added humour makes it all the more fun. Then you have probably the most discriptive tutorial on the net, with the commands show in real time at the top and enough time for you to eat the text. It’s so easy to follow and understand any noob will learn from it. I think overall it’s a good watch, even if it has little extras at the start, I enjoy watching it. If anything this video is a prime example of what you do right.

imo sometimes you have to take a lot of time to read whats on the top of the screen, you should pause the screen when theres a lot of text on top (although people can pause for themselves too i guess).

Please don’t listen to him.

Seriously. I’d rather press the pause button, read the text, then resume the vid, as opposed to reading the text, then having to go through the hassle of seeking to the end of the pause section. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I can’t really think of anything your videos are missing, and don’t really know what could be improved other than to make em even longer? Haha.

I’d take out the long sections that have nothing to do with the game. Seeking past the random people talking is not really the best thing to have to do.

Keep up the good work!

what he said

I actually enjoyed that, the whole hentai thing made it worth it.

I’m going to work on paring down the sections that are just random jokes and bullshit, years of Xenozip yelling at me have finally taken their toll, haha.

I put the timecodes on the Chapter Menu at the beginning of 3s Gen Ed so people wouldn’t have to sit through all the junk if they didn’t want to. Did that help at all?

Also, is the video quality decent, or should I upgrade/downgrade it at all to either save filesize or make it prettier?

N - Thanks guys, keep it coming.

My vote is for better quality. I could be wrong in saying this since I’m so new, but it seems like most people have broadband so files sizes aren’t really an issue. As they are now, the videos are watchable at fullscreen, but if they were watchable it would be even better.

I really liked the random jokes in 3S Gen Ed. And I don’t think anyone would complain if the filesize were larger, as, more often than not, pretty is a good thing.

Slowly slowly my 80-gig hard drive has become nearly full. For example, the quality on the 3s gen-ed video is fine, and it would be fine if it were even a little less high-quality so I could save on some space. Same thing with the random stuff; it’s funny and very creative, but not really necessary.

PS Do you still need any help with what we talked about a while back? If so, just give me an im or pm.


I’m still here with my offer to help T-bop, just give me a ring.


One thing I’ve noticed that’s all the rage now is having multiple versions, low-/high-quality, short/long versions, you could do that with the tut vids, the full versions for the people that fully appreciate the whole package, and the lite versions for the guys that want just meat and potatoes.

lol, I wonder if I started that rage… naw no one DLs my vids anyway :frowning:

It’s been so long since I’ve seen one of your videos, but I do remember how informative and fun to watch they were. I can’t think of anything you should change. Can you give us a heads up on what characters you are going to do?

Well I just rewatched your first vid to see where you should start back off in vol2 of this series of yours. Oh and good shit on vol.1 it was fantastic.

I say start back where you left off at which was on kara throwing, now start off on kara canceling special moves or supers. Then move on to the rest of the stuff that is suppose to be in vol.2.

As for quality, well I agree on what SK said, you should make low and high versions. This way some people who are low on space won’t have to worry about all the space the vid holds on their pc.

Now on the jokes with the shenmue stuff or w/e that game is called. I say keep it on the high quality and take it out on the low quality. Now this probably was on my pc but I sometimes didn’t see some letters fully all the way when I was reading the info. Like they weren’t put in perfect to see each letter. My advice on that make sure all letters are clear/bold for some people who don’t have good eye vison or can’t tell whether that letter is so and so.

Okay I’ll stop there for now. I’m just giving criticism on the vid like you asked. I’m looking forward to Gen Ed.2 and I hope it gets down some good points on 3strike like vol1 did.:tup: Good luck.

Oh and on your money problem you could have people from SRK who want to help you out donate money via paypal to you. Just an ideal that’s all…

Show clips of stuff being done in actual match vids. That would be hot.