Tutorial vid for Q

hi new here and just started 3s like wht i said on my first post in the fighting game board. I asked if anyone knows where i could dl a tutorial vid or something for Q but nobody answered…:frowning: So i wonder if anybody here would answer me?

Streak made one, karathrow.com , check it when its up again in 2-3 days

Well, using Q in the first place is quite a decent task.

Not that I’m trying to deter you from using him. I’d love it if you did, and so would many others.


wow…kwl thnks:D i know i heard Q is hard to use but i’ll try my best…

Could someone AIM me the vid? I tried DLing it on that link, but it’s not up anymore I don’t think

Here you go


You guys should check combovideos.com

Blaze keeps it heavy with video goodness for all games, AND it’s the premier host for any and all future tutorials by ZR Productions.